Woman’s Trump Rant In Chicago Store Gets 61,000 YouTube Views [Video]

The video titled “Racist White Woman Trump Rant in Chicago Store 11/23/16” is going viral, having been uploaded to YouTube on November 25. At certain points in the video, Jessie Grady — the woman recording the video — can be heard saying that her hands are shaking because she is so nervous as she records another woman screaming over the treatment she said she received.

As reported by Patch, the melee started prior to the video beginning, with the woman having a problem with the Michaels store employees after some sort of disagreement about a $1 reusable bag turned into the screaming rampage caught on tape.

The woman at the center of the video speaks really loudly, saying the African-American employees had a problem with her because she voted for Donald Trump in the most recent presidential election.

At certain points in the video, the woman seemingly makes reference to David Wilcox, a man who was assaulted in Chicago by African-Americans who shouted words about Wilcox voting for Trump, as reported by the Inquisitr. The viral video took place in Chicago as well, on the eve of Thanksgiving at the arts and craft store.

The location of the argument was 3131 N. Clark Street.

Grady’s video has since gone viral, and Jessie has listed the reasons why she turned off comments for her viral video.

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Jessie had already checked out and was with her two-year-old when she witnessed the woman as she began screaming at the employees about being forced to buy a bag for big purchases. When the video begins the woman in question is screaming about having voted for Trump, and remains in the store, yelling about folks videotaping her.

The woman then pulls out her own phone and begins videotaping others around her, as customers begin to walk away from her. Grady kept recording her video from afar, but the woman eventually walked up to Grady and berated Jessie for being a white woman who wasn’t sticking up for the yelling woman’s antics.

The woman refused to give her name, yelled at Jessie and videotaped her toddler, accused her child of stealing a Christmas ornament and even accused Jessie’s husband of cheating on her. At certain points in the video, the woman made a sad face and asked Jessie if it wasn’t an option for her to go home.

Employees can be heard trying to calm the woman down and prevent her from cursing in front of children. Instead, the woman continues to curse and call the store employees animals. Several customers had dialed authorities as the woman yelled, Grady reports. Those who did witness the melee waited nearly an hour — even after the yelling woman left the store — to make sure to give their accounts of what happened.

Jessie Grady
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Grady launched a GoFundMe campaign for the store’s manager — a woman with three kids who kept her calm during the tirade — just to lift her holiday spirits.

Meanwhile, Jessie explained why she disabled comments to the viral video.

“Comments were disabled on this video. Hate and violence are not acceptable in any situation. This woman needs to apologize and take responsibility for her actions, but hatred is not welcome here. If you are outraged by this video, PLEASE use this rage to stand up against hatred and racism. This one woman is not the problem. This is a MUCH BIGGER problem.”

In her GoFundMe campaign description, Jessie described exactly what she witnessed during the heated incident, and explained how the calm demeanor of the store manager helped to calm Jessie down as well.

“In the current climate I believe it’s very important that we go out of our way to treat each other with dignity, kindness and politeness, and that we stand up for each other when we see people being mistreated.”

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