'Street Fighter V': Akuma DLC, 'SFV' Season 2 Revealed At PlayStation Experience 2016 [Video]

Get ready to make your opponents die one thousand deaths.

Developer Capcom has made a huge showing this year at PlayStation Experience. Perhaps one of the biggest reveals is the Street Fighter V Season 2 DLC that's been announced. Not only will the game be adjusted in various areas, but we're also getting new characters. Capcom has officially revealed that Akuma is coming to Street Fighter V.

In a report by Shoryuken, it was revealed that Akuma would be joining the cast of Street Fighter V. Rumors were floating around the internet through both a trailer and producer Yoshinori Ono's Twitter. Ono loves teasing fans, and a trailer that featured Akuma's brand was shown not long ago. In coming days, speculation was high. Ono also showed teaser images of Akuma, though not even the blurred photos could sway fighting game enthusiasts that Akuma wouldn't make the cut.

The official reveal of Akuma in Street Fighter V at the PlayStation Experience event showed gameplay footage of how the "demon" would perform in-game. There are multiple costumes available for the new fighter. Story mode shows Akuma with much more hair than we've previously seen, though his face appears damaged or transformed. Two other variations exist, one of which is the classic Akuma that we know and love. If the story mode's visual is any indication, Akuma might play a large part in the Street Fighter universe. We know that he battles Ryu on a consistent basis to force him into unlocking the "murderous intent" inside. Could the same be said for the story of Street Fighter V?

Capcom also seems to have turned Akuma into a different beast this time around. In a report by Eventhubs, we can see that Akuma will be sporting a unique move set in Street Fighter V. His stance appears to be the same, and his movements are mostly familiar. However, Akuma's mechanics have changed. His fireball game seems to remain as it was in other Street Fighter titles. Sporting a purple projectile along with its powered up version, Akuma can control space between himself and the opponent. The unique portion of his arsenal lies in his demon flips. Akuma appears to be able to perform multiple attacks in the air after his initial flip. These range from being able to connect multiple hits during his flip's animation, as well as being able to confirm his demon flip into a hurricane kick similar to Ryu's.
There's also Akuma's ability to dive kick after the demon flip, which can also be mixed in by changing the dive kick into a throw. All in all, Akuma's potential in the air looks to be as dangerous as it is on the ground. When his V-Trigger is activated, Akuma becomes even more dangerous. He looks to be sporting two Critical Art techniques this time around. One of them is the Sekia Kuretsuha, an homage to previous Street Fighter titles. Akuma lifts his hand and gathers a massive amount of energy, slamming it into the ground afterward to create a pillar of destructive energy. The second, Akuma's Raging Demon technique, features the demon warrior grabbing his opponent before performing a multitude of strikes in the darkness. Longtime Akuma players should feel right at home, as well as having the pleasure of learning what new tricks he has up his sleeve.

Capcom hopes to make Akuma playable on December 20. We might see the game's balance changes around the same time, and many are already reporting that characters are receiving tweaks. Some characters are receiving nerfs, while others are gaining buffs that will make them as strong as the more favorable of the roster. Whatever the case, fans are excited to see what Capcom has done to bring evolution to Street Fighter V.

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[Featured Image by Capcom]