Samurai Sword Used In Fast Food Restaurant Robbery

A samurai sword was used in the recent robbery of a fast food restaurant, KSHB is reporting. The incident occurred only days after someone used a similar weapon to break up a fight in Phoenix, Arizona. Amateur samurais are apparently have a bit of an American resurgence.

The robbery reportedly took place on Tuesday at Church’s Chicken in Kansas City, Missouri. The suspect, a samurai sword clutched in his hands, wandered into the fast food restaurant and demanded some cash. The security footage embedded below is surprisingly laid back; nobody seems too shocked that a guy with a sword is attempting to rob the place.

According to the New York Daily News, all the swordsman wanted was the cash in the till. Although carting around that sort of weapon is sure to make a man hungry, the suspect didn’t place an order before demanding the money.

“Food wasn’t part of it,” Police Captain Steve Young explained to the Daily News. “It was just a traditional business robbery.”

Authorities are unsure why the guy selected a samurai sword when deciding which weapon to use in the Church’s Chicken robbery. “It’s a curious question for sure, but I do not know the answer. We will have to ask him when we arrest him, I guess,” Young said.

At the time of the robbery, the suspect was wearing dark gray hoodie and jeans, attire that most people probably wouldn’t associate with an accomplished samurai warrior. As of this writing, the guy and his sword have yet to be apprehended.

Not too long ago, The Inquisitr reported that a midnight fight on a light-rail train in Phoenix, Arizona was stopped by a guy wielding a samurai sword. The brawlers were understandably concerned for their well-being, prompting them to exit the train at the next stop.

Anyone with information about the samurai robber is encouraged to contact Kansas City police.