‘First Kiss For The Seventh Time’: Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming Lee Min Ho Online Korean Drama

First Kiss For The Seventh Time is an upcoming web drama with a star-studded cast. As All Kpop reports, some of the famous names featured in this series include Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Jun Ki, Park Hae Jin, EXO’s Kai, 2PM’s Taecyeon among others.


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The Plot

First Kiss For the Seventh Time follows the story of Min Soo Jin, played by actress Lee Choi Hee, a woman who has never had a boyfriend in her life. She’s also never been kissed. One day she meets a goddess who gives her the chance of a lifetime. She will meet seven handsome guys who must compete for the chance to win her first kiss. So it’s kind of like a fantasy version of The Bachelor wrapped into a Korean drama. The online drama series is scheduled to premiere in mid-December.

Ji Chang Wook plays a secret agent which is definitely not a departure from the action roles he’s normally cast in. According to Soompi, he jokingly complained about that in the press conference for the upcoming web series.

“In this drama, I took on the role of a secret agent. I wanted a handsome and gentle role like the other actors but they made me do a secret agent,” he said.

“I requested to change the scenario a bit but they refused to budge. I was a little disappointed. I’m the only one here who has action scenes.”

Korea Portal reports that Kai said that his role was a lot sweeter than Ji Chang Wook’s.

“I played a younger guy who used to get Chinese tutoring, then coolly returned [to her].”

At the press conference, actor Lee Jun Ki introduced his character in First Kiss For The Seventh Time next.

“I played a church oppa from Choi Hee’s younger days. Previously, I was in a historical drama so I’m happy to show my romantic act, even though it’s short.”

Taecyeon who is otherwise the main rapper in Kpop boyband 2 PM, was also present to explain his role in the web series.

“I played the son of a Chaebol who sacrifices for love. It’s a role that I’ve always wanted to try.”

Lee Min Ho’s Role

According to Korea Portal, Lee Min Ho was not able to attend the First Kiss For A Seventh Time press conference because of his busy schedule. Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin were also absent. Fun fact: before Lee Min Ho joined the cast, the online series was called First Kiss For The Sixth Time. You know you’re a big deal when they change the name of the series because you decide to join the cast.

Park Hae Jin and Lee Jong Suk revealed their roles via previously recorded videos.

“I’m transforming into a romantic co-worker.” Hae Jin said.

W’s Lee Jong Suk disclosed that he will be playing someone famous which shouldn’t be a stretch for the popular Hallyu actor.

There are still no concrete details on exactly what kind of character Lee Min Ho will be playing. But the mystery will be solved when First Kiss For The Seventh Time premieres in December.

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