Should Vote Recount Happen? Take The Poll: Yes Or No — Is Jill Stein 3-State Recount Effort Worth It, Or Is Election Over?

A recount of the 2016 Presidential election votes cast in Wisconsin set to begin this week has left President-elect Donald Trump apoplectic, unleashing multiple Twitter posts not only denouncing the recount effort but even claiming without evidence or basis in reality that 3 million votes in the election were “illegal.” Those “illegal” votes, Trump said, were the reason he is losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by more than 2.2 million.

How do you, the Inquisitr readers, view the situation? Should the vote recount happen? Or should the effort be halted? Take the poll below to register your opinion. Click on your preferred answer to the question in the poll to cast your vote in the poll, and see the current results.