Is Jill Dillard Pregnant? Fans Spot 'Baby Bump' In Duggar Photos, Wait For Announcement

Duggar fans are speculating that Jill Dillard may be pregnant and holding off on a pregnancy announcement until the new season of Counting On airs. The rumors began when the Duggar family posted images from their Thanksgiving celebration which included a shot of Jill and her husband Derick Dillard. In the photo, some keen-eyed fans noted that Jill looked as though she may have a small "baby bump." Her midsection also appears fuller-than-normal in newly posted photos taken from Jinger's wedding.

The rumors began when the Duggar family posted Thanksgiving photos to their official Facebook page. In one of the photos, Jill is seen standing next to her husband Derick Dillard and son Israel while wearing a black top and blue skirt. In the photo, some fans pointed out that it appears Jill has a small "baby bump."


If you look at the photo, Jill's midsection does appear larger than normal. However, with holiday festivities underway, it could be that we are seeing a "food baby" not actual signs of a pregnancy. As most people can attest, following a large Thanksgiving meal, bloating can be a real problem. However, the "evidence" of a pregnancy doesn't end there for those that believe the rumors are true.

Other photos posted by Jill's sister Jinger also appear to show Jill's fuller midsection. Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo shared numerous photos from their wedding day, including images of Jinger's bridal party. In the photos, Jill is seen standing next to her sister wearing a lilac colored dress. In the photo, which is taken from a side angle, it appears that Jill may have a small baby bump.

The baby bump likely would have gone unnoticed as Duggar fans were focused on Jinger's gorgeous gown. However, after the Thanksgiving images surfaced, some went back to the photos to take a closer look.


It isn't just Jill that many fans felt filled out her gown more than normal. Duggar fans have also called out Anna Duggar over a possible pregnancy. In photos taken at the Thanksgiving gathering, Anna appeared to be covering her midsection and some commented her top section appeared larger than normal, possibly indicating a pregnancy.


However, it should be noted that Anna was smashed on a small couch with five other people and it could have just been a poor angle. Like Jill, fans then looked back at wedding photos and noted that Anna appeared to also be fuller in those images.

Fans have gone back and forth about whether any of the photos are a sign of pregnancy with some telling everyone to leave the woman alone as they may not be pregnant and just gaining some weight.

"She had to have a c-section and it's hard to lose weight after that. Either way she's beautiful."
However, others note that both Anna and Jill had lost a lot of weight in recent episodes of Counting On and the new fully midsections are evidence of pregnancy.
"People keep saying she you can look like that after you had a c-section, but they obviously haven't seen the show cause she was skinny. That's a baby bump."
During the most recent season of Counting On, fans learned that Jinger Duggar was courting, engaged and ultimately married all in a short span of time. Meanwhile, Jessa Seewald announced her second pregnancy and Joy Anna Duggar announced a new courtship. With so many big announcements, it may just be that the Duggars are holding off on Jill and Anna's big announcements until the next season.

What do you think about the rumors that Jill Dillard and possibly Anna Duggar are pregnant? Do you think the family may just be waiting for the new season of Counting On to reveal the pregnancies?

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Duggar Family Official]