Amy Schumer At Chicago UIC Pavilion Tells Fans 'You Are Stupid' Before Tackling Gun Control And Female Wage Gap In Comedy Routine

Comedian Amy Schumer did a stand-up routine at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago on November 26. She unapologetically begins by telling fans in the audience they are stupid, but why? The reason is probably not what you think.

The event began with Locksmith Isidore, a jazz group whose front-man is Jason Stein, Amy Schumer's half-brother from Chicago. After a 20-minute set, the trio ended with a song called "Amy Music." Then came quick clips from Amy Schumer's "Inside Amy" series before the Chicago event transitioned over to Mark Normand, the comedian who acted as the opener for Schumer.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Normand's set was 15 minutes long and got off to a slow start. He eventually recovered and had a strong finish before introducing Amy to the crowd. The Chicago event was part of Schumer's tour this year.

Amy Schumer came on stage in a sexy red dress and high heels, ready to embrace the "party girl" role she's known for. To solidify the character Schumer has created, there was a bottle of wine on the Chicago stage, instead of the usual water, which is just one of the ways Schumer stands out against other comedians.

The majority of the Chicago stand-up comedy bit centered around sex, like most of Schumer's material. She even worked in parts about her own sex life with her Chicago boyfriend. Since she focuses her material on sexual content and has created this somewhat sex-obsessed character for herself, she embraces it with no apologies, which is why she started out her routine by telling fans, "If you came with family, that is on you, and you are stupid."

"If you came with family, that is on you, and you are stupid."
When she wasn't talking about sex at the Chicago Pavilion, Amy Schumer spent a little time discussing her success of the past year. She said, "this year I got very rich, famous and humble." It's true that Schumer saw quite a bit of success this year. She was the first woman comedian to headline at Madison Square Garden - and she pulled this off not just once, but twice this year! Additionally, she is the first woman comedian to make Forbes' list of Highest Paid Comedians - she appeared as No. 4 on the list, having made $17 million this year.

While making the list was a huge achievement, Schumer reminded us that the fact that she's the first comedian who made the list should be a problem and there should be a solution. She told NPR, "I feel like there won't be enough change … until there's no wage gap, and until someone says 'You're my favorite comic,' not 'You're my favorite female comic."

She also spoke briefly about gun control and interrupted her sex-filled 70-minute routine with a reminder that the world isn't a nice place. Schumer reminded that Chicago crowd that gun-control is one of the things she focuses on and used a real life example to back her stance up. Two women were shot to death while at a Louisiana theater watching Schumer's movie Trainwreck.

The shooter shot and killed two women and injured another nine, tried to flee the scene, and noticed oncoming police officers. He turned around and shot and killed himself before the whole ordeal came to an end. Trainwreck was Amy Schumer's baby as the star not only starred in the movie, but she wrote it as well. While the movie was successful, Schumer says she regrets even writing it after these events unfolded.

Schumer's comedy tour is going well, she wrote a best-seller this summer, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, and has a new film with Goldie Hawn coming out next year.

Her fans love her, and perhaps that's why she can get away with calling them "stupid" in a playful way at the Chicago event. Anyone who brought their family to Amy Schumer's stand-up comedy bit at the Chicago UIC Pavilion probably felt pretty stupid sitting there amid all of the sex jokes anyway.

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]