Suge Knight: Jamie Foxx’s Scariest Night With The Former Death Row CEO

Suge Knight is one of the most intimidating figures in the hip hop industry. A former American football player, his size enabled him to initially work as a bodyguard for Bobby Brown. Widely known for his violent escapades, he is one of those men that many in the hip hop industry loathed to cross, especially in the '90s when he was revered in music circles. One of those in the music industry that came face-to-face with his scary side was rapper Vanilla Ice.

During an interview with ABC News, he revealed how he was forced to sign over $4 million in royalties to Chocolate, his associate, who was, at the time, being managed by Suge Knight. Apparently, Suge Knight threatened to throw him out of the balcony located on the 15th floor of a hotel if he didn't. Ice apparently gave in and transferred his rights to the song "Ice Ice Baby" over to Chocolate. Below is the video of the interview.

Another person who was unfortunate to have a run-in with Suge Knight was Eazy E. According to B.G. Knocc Out, who once worked with the Ruthless Records co-founder, Dr. Dre once lured Eazy into an office where Suge Knight and his men were waiting to strong-arm him into releasing the rapper from his contract. Knocc revealed this last year while in an interview with Vlad TV. The following was B.G. Knocc Out's statement in regards to this.

"They was in a hotel room. Suge had dudes there hiding in the closet and under the bed and when he get up there, Suge locked the door. All these cats come from under the bed, out the closet and in the bathroom with guns. Dre wasn't there. He set it up though. Eazy was smart, so he didn't put his real signature on the paperwork and that's why it never held out."
On whether Suge Knight actually killed Eazy E by intentionally having someone infect him with HIV, B.G differed with the claim, which was spawned from a controversial interview statement by Suge Knight. In the interview, the Death Row Records CEO said that it was easy to kill someone by just poking him with a needle contaminated with the HIV virus, referring to it as "that Eazy E thing." The following was B.G's view on this.
"Just the fact that he [Suge Knight] said that, and where he could have got the information from, I have no clue. But, that's how most of us feel…that's what really happened. I don't think Suge is in a position. I just think he was made privy to it by somebody in a high place. Whoever he dealt with, maybe gave him the rundown. I don't think it was him though, to be honest."
This is as reported by VH1. The following is the video of the Suge Knight interview.

On to the Jamie Foxx and Suge Knight situation, the former Death Row Records co-founder once tried to go into a club where the actor was performing, but was turned way by the management. Speaking on Foxxhole Radio, Jamie Foxx spoke about how upset Suge Knight was and how scared he was, knowing that "Sugar Bear" was just outside the club waiting for him. Apparently, the manager at the club had told Suge Knight that he couldn't come in because Jamie Foxx said so.

According to Foxx, he tried to escape through the back entrance, but almost ran into Suge Knight. He apparently tried to talk things over with him by sending Johnny Mack with a phone so they could communicate, but apparently, he started the conversation wrong, making the situation worse. In the end, Jamie Foxx was able to sneak out of the venue without running into the former American football player.

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