Mark Hamill: Trump Cabinet Is 'A Who's Who Of Despicable People,' Says Star Wars Actor

There are many who stand on both sides of the fence when it comes to Donald Trump and his cabinet.

If you've been paying attention and following voice actor Mark Hamill, it's not hard to tell that he stands on the side of opposition. With the election results in and Donald Trump the new President-Elect, just as many people are in shock as those who are happy that he'd won. Hamill is one such individual, and he speaks openly about the future President.

In a report by The Daily Beast, Mark Hamill conducts a phone interview in which he discusses Trump and his cabinet appointments. Rumors have been spreading since Trump won the election, and it's feared that he will bring in a set of individuals who are a detriment to America as a whole. Taking to social media and live interviews, Hamill has more than a few words for Donald Trump and his party.

Mark Hamill had this to say in regards to Donald Trump's victory.

"I'm in total denial," Hamill begins during a phone interview that promotes his new show, Pop Culture Quest."I'm glad I have the show to take my mind off what's going on. Because if you look at what's being assembled for our government it's like, yikes. It's a who's who of really despicable people."

If you're wondering why Hamill is in such disapproval, the appointment of members to Trump's cabinet are those that have been associated with homophobia, racism, and other practices. While Donald Trump would most likely deny such accusation and back his cabinet without question, it's hard to deny that these choices give people cause for concern.

Still, Mark Hamill sheds a positive light on the election and Trump's possible appointment of such members to the cabinet. The voice actor reminds fans new and old that standing ground is crucial to the success and betterment of the situation at hand.

"It's tempting to say, 'Well, I'm moving to Canada, I can't stand it,'" Hamill remarks. "But in other ways, it's a challenge to stay and defend your country and do what you think is right and not retreat and hide under the covers. It's not gonna be easy, that's for sure."

Whether you're in support of Donald Trump or not, current news appears to have the President-Elect all over the place in terms of what was promised during his campaign. One can only wonder if Hamill will change his mindset if Trump doesn't deliver on the promises that were made, instead working in favor of those who grew to dislike him. Hamill is a Democrat, and it's clear that he's on the side of moral goodness.

Hamill continued in his thoughts, going so far as to incorporate Star Wars into his beliefs.

"It sounds corny, but the Star Wars films were incredibly optimistic films," Hamill says. "They talked about doing good just because it helps others and being selfless and understanding your place in the universe. Beyond being entertaining, I hope that's a message that kids still respond to. Because I still believe that. I still believe all those tenets of 'treat others the way you want to be treated' and so forth."

This shouldn't come as a surprise, as Hamill is widely known for his portrayal of good guy Luke Skywalker. Most Star Wars fans know how Luke turns out, but Hamill remains steadfast in the message that the movies promote. It's reported by Washington Examiner that Hamill isn't the only Star Wars actor to have negative vibes about Trump. Carrie Fisher, who plays Princess Leia, went so far as to call Trump a "coke head." Hamill certainly has those who would agree with his assessment of Trump's cabinet.

Could Mark Hamill lose fans over his opinion? It doesn't seem likely, what with his popularity. He sympathizes with those on both ends of the spectrum, making it hard to peg him as biased.

What are your thoughts on Mark Hamill's comments? Do you believe that he's right in his assessment of Trump's cabinet? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image By Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios]