'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Stars Sheree And Bob Back Together? Exes Go On A 'Romantic Date' In Episode 4

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans were definitely surprised when Sheree Whitfield's ex-husband, Bob, asked her if he could move into Chateau Sheree. Are Sheree and Bob back together?

In the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9, titled "Ghosts of Boyfriends Past," Bob surprised Sheree by asking her to come over. Sheree revealed that it has been a long time since the two of them spent time together without the kids, so Bob's invitation intrigued her.

After preparing smoothies for the two of them, Bob shamelessly flirted with Sheree, even asking her to go up to his bedroom.

"Did you ever see my room upstairs? If you want to see that, take your smoothie, we gonna lay down, relax a bit," he told her.

Sheree told the cameras that she's tired of Bob's games. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star said that everything with him is either about jokes or sex.

"He's never even apologized for the infidelity, me and the kids being kicked out, and verbal abuse," she said.

Bob then told Sheree that he's glad they were finally able to put their past behind. After turning 44-years-old, Bob said that he's starting to get his act together, getting his health, mind, and mojo right. After that speech, Bob finally told Sheree what he wanted from her all along.
"Whether we get back together, that's one thing or another, but I should be around for our kids and all that. So I, look at it like this, your house is bigger than mine. Can I move in?"
Understandably, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is not too keen about Bob moving back in just yet. She pointed out that they are in a good place in their relationship and they shouldn't make any rash decisions.

"I'm happy we're in this first place but to move forward after everything that transpired, cause I got so many friends going the same thing, whether they try to co-parent or get divorced, it gets hard," she said.

Sheree is all about taking baby steps. The RHOA star, however, revealed that she's not closing doors on her and Bob getting back together for good. Sheree added that if Bob truly wanted to be with her, he should be willing to go the extra mile to prove himself.
"I want love. I want that perfect guy. If Bob wants to be that guy, he needs to really sit back and show me that he's a changed man and until then we have nothing to talk about."
According to the official synopsis and latest spoilers for the next episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9, Bob and Sheree will be going on a romantic date in Episode 4, titled "Another Spin Around the Block." Despite Bob's efforts to win Sheree back, Gossip & Gab predicted that he might be a little too late.

On her Bravo blog, Sheree admitted that she has started seeing Bob again, evident in the way the two acted during Phaedra Parks' Winter Wonderland party. The RHOA star, however, insisted that they are not about to jump into a serious relationship just yet.

"Bob and I are working on getting to know each other again. We both have grown a lot and are in a different space than we were when we were married. We are in the process of relearning each other. I can say that we are happy with how things are going and our children our happy," she wrote.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7, Episode 9, "Ghosts of Boyfriends Past" airs tonight on Bravo.


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