Domino’s Using Reindeer To Deliver Pizzas In Japan This Winter

Always looking for new and innovative ways to efficiently deliver pizzas during all types of weather, Domino’s has now taken a cue from Santa Claus as they plan on using reindeer to drive red sleighs filled with hot and fresh pizzas to deliver to customers’ homes. In the past, the pizza giant has tried robots in Australia and drones in New Zealand and even canoes in the United Kingdom to deliver their popular pizzas. So, where does Domino’s plan on using reindeer to deliver pizzas this winter?

Domino’s Japan has been busy at work trying to get their hot and fresh pizzas to their hungry customers in a timely manner, even during challenging North Japan winters, including blizzards, deep snow, and ice. So what better animal to lead a sleigh with delectable pizza than the most identifiable Arctic creature around, the reindeer?

CBS reports that Domino’s Japan released a statement explaining that the expected snowy winter could adversely affect their usual method of delivering pizza by bikes. So Domino’s has decided to use reindeer instead.

“There is a possibility [snow] may interfere with delivery. Domino’s Pizza Japan will set up a ‘Snowfall Delivery Countermeasure Room’ to promote pizza delivery by reindeer.”

Mashable suggests that the reason that Japan has decided to use reindeer is because they are obsessed with adopting U.S. traditions, especially Christmas. The planned start date of December and the Christmasy red sled helps solidify their theory.

They also report that starting in December, the GPS Driver Tracker will show an image of a reindeer in the app, instead of a driver. This is a festive and fun change to the famed Domino’s tracker app. This amazing app syncs along with Google Maps to allow customers to track their pizza from start to final delivery destination.

This is the new system that Domino’s first introduced over a year ago. When it was first launched, the company was excited at the level of engagement that the app offered customers.

“Our customers will be able to watch their driver on route to their door in real time, know exactly who their driver is by name and even know what music they like and their favorite sport team,” said Don Meij, managing director at Domino’s Group CEO. “It’s

“It’s new level of engagement between our customers and our delivery drivers that’s never been seen before in the takeaway food industry.”

Wow! The Domino’s app knows everything, including the name of the pizza delivery driver. Domino’s Japan has yet revealed if they have named their reindeer delivery drivers, but we can only assume that they have. Could it be possible that they will use some of Santa’s famous reindeer names like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blixen, or even Rudolph, the most famous reindeer of them all? Or will they instead use traditional Japanese names?

Back in March, the Inquisitr reported that Domino’s New Zealand announced that they were testing a pizza delivery robot called DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) to deliver pizzas and drinks. Using state of the art Australian military technology and the infamous Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker, DRU uses the easiest route from store to customer. DRU is still being tested out, working out any kinks before officially unveiling the new system.

So far, training the reindeer seems to be going pretty well. Domino’s Japan has released a video showing the reindeer-in-training. While the reindeer is quite adorable, it seems like there is a need for multiple reindeer handlers to get the reindeer to the delivery location. More importantly, there appears to be little snow in the video. Could more snow possibly slow down the handlers, or could deep snow require that the reindeer take a different route?

Would you like Domino’s reindeer to deliver pizza to your house?

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