Amazon Reviewers Take On Donald Trump Holiday Ornament -- And Other Trump Products

It seems nobody is taking Donald Trump's holiday ornament, a brass cap with gold trim and Trump's "Make America Great Again" logo emblazoned on the front, very seriously. Released this week in the Trump shop for $149, the item is being offered for resale on Amazon at prices over $200, and while it's not clear if anyone is actually buying it there, Amazon shoppers are definitely reviewing it.

Donald Trump holiday ornament -- Make America funny again
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It's pretty clear that most of the reviews aren't being posted by Donald Trump's biggest fans. They make reference to things like Trump's apparent support from KKK members, and the disparity between the popular and the electoral vote.

"Came with an entire crate of white hood ornaments. Great bargain! Downside: My tree is now on fire."
"This year it was between this ornament and another one that is less flashy, less gaudy, and just overall nicer. During our family meeting we overwhelmingly chose the other ornament but somehow we still ended up with this one. We're not sure what happened."
Another one-star review refers to Trump's promises to deport undocumented immigrants.
"The only Christmas ornament that will try to deport your nativity scene."
Others make reference to the recently-surfaced recording in which Trump appears to brag about sexually assaulting women -- generally making use of the fact that the slang term Trump used in the recording is also used for cats.
"I actually ordered the bright blue 'Pantsuit Ornament,' but this is what i got instead. After several days of paralyzing shock and disappointment, some friends intervened and told me i should 'make the best of it' and hang the ornament on the Christmas tree anyway. So i did. Unfortunately, within minutes the ornament's tiny mango-hued hands began reaching out to grab my two cats as they walked by."
It's not just the official Make America Great Again holiday ornament though -- reviewers have been having fun with other Trump merchandise as well.

The Donald Trump coffee mug, for instance, with removable toupee lid, has been reviewed by buyers who say it has an "empty head" or that they "filled it with nuts."

Donald Trump holiday ornament and coffee mug reveiws
[Image by Amazon]

If it's been part of the criticism of Trump this election year, you can bet on it turning up in some of the reviews. For instance, the coffee mug has been the subject of jokes about the president-elect's apparently changed stances on such topics as "going after" Hillary Clinton, and building a border wall.

"Doesn't hold water. More like a mirage.... Great from far but once you buy it, doesn't work as promised!"
"...found coffee filters on the shelf above last night and I found conical white hats atop many of my coffee mugs this morning."
On another Donald Trump holiday ornament (unlike the Make America Great Again cap, this is not an official product from the president-elect himself), reviewers warn that the ornament will make your tree lean so far to the right it snaps in half, waterboard the Joseph and Mary nativity ornament, and that it will get rid of your "non-white" ornaments.

Then, of course, like with the other Trump products, there are the reviews poking milder fun at his style of speech.

"This ornament is fantastic. It's wonderful, really. I've had so many, many wonderful Christmas trees. Beautiful Christmas trees. The most beautiful Christmas trees in the entire world. I know how to find great Christmas trees. I do. Some of the most Christmasy, wintery, Christmas trees, believe me."
Even a Donald Trump novelty mask isn't skipped by reviewers with a laugh in mind.
"Scares children and minorities as advertised."
As for the Donald Trump holiday ornament, the Make America Great Again cap does have positive reviews and ratings, some touting positives points like collector's value and possible future spikes in the value of gold, and others calling out detractors as crybabies and losers. However, there aren't enough to balance the humorous and negative reviews -- as of this writing, the Donald Trump holiday ornament has only a 1.5-star average rating.

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