Lana Del Rey New Album Hints Continue, ‘Boyfriend’ Clues Emerge

Lana Del Rey is back from performing in Mexico, and fans think she has been dropping hints about a new album. However, whether or not she is dropping hints, what Lana Del Rey has been doing is showing off the inside of her home while “boyfriend” Francesco Carrozzini is in Hollywood.

Lana Del Rey began the last week of November by performing at the Corona Capital Music Festival in Mexico on November 22. Following a thank you to her fans in Mexico, Lana Del Rey wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from her Honeymoon Instagram account on November 25.

On November 26, Lana Del Rey posted a picture on Instagram of her hanging out with Joan Baez wearing a “nasty woman” T-shirt on November 26.

Joan Baez was a singer/legend
Joan Baez and Bob Dylan were top performers of the 1960’s. [Image by National Archive/Newsmakers]

Despite hanging out with legendary singer Joan Baez, fans were spellbound by a post she made around the same time that shows Del Rey celebrating her new song with The Weeknd by waltzing around her home.

Lana Del Rey is featured in a song by The Weeknd on his latest album release, Starboy, that went up for sale on November 25. The track called “Party Monster” features vocals from Lana Del Rey.

Regardless, was this the new album that fans feel like Lana Del Rey was hinting at? On November 3, Paper Magazine wrote that fans found a new song registered to Greg Banks and another one registered to Elizabeth Grant (Lana Del Rey’s legal name) in the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) database.

Adding to this, MIC stated on November 4 that Greg Banks (a well-known collaborator of Lana Del Rey) named the new song “Wild Side.”

Lana Del Rey performing a song at Southern California's Wiltern Theatre.
Lana Del Rey performing at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Interscope]

Nevertheless, Greg Banks was contacted and he has denied that the song is related to Lana Del Rey.

While fans do not know any other details about a new Lana Del Rey album at this time, what they do know is what the inside of her house looks like. In the recent past, Lana Del Rey bought two adjacent homes in Hollywood Hills, and this new posts might reveal the inside of one of them.

Other posts that give fans an idea of Lana Del Rey’s home decorating tastes are found in her Honeymoon Instagram account. For example, Lana Del Rey made a video of one of her favorite songs, but ended up showing us the interior of her shoe closet on November 23.

Lana Del Rey also posted on her Honeymoon Instagram account in September about a mysterious white dot of light that she followed around some of her vintage-style couches.

Sadly, Lana Del Rey may have moved on from her previous home in Malibu because of pesky fans that repeatedly crossed security boundaries. Lana Del Rey may have also moved to a new home because of her unspoken breakup with director and photographer, Francesco Carrozzini.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey may have broken up with Francesco Carrozzini, but this has not been officially stated to the media.

In the meantime, Francesco Carrozzini appears to be growing more successful by the day since his movie about his mother, Franca, has now been picked up by major movie distributors, Gravitas Ventures, according to Deadline.

While Francesco Carrozzini and Lana Del Rey might not be together any longer, it does appear that he is still hanging out with some of her friends. In 2015, Lana Del Rey had part of her Endless Summer Tour accompanied by Courtney Love.

Interestingly, on November 21, Francesco Carrozzini posted a picture on his Instagram account with his arm around Courtney Love.

Although the picture was taken in Hollywood and Lana Del Rey also lives in Orange County, Francesco Carrozzini did not post any photos online of Lana Del Rey at his movie’s opening.

[Feature Image by Katie Darby/Invision/AP]