November 28, 2016
'Star Wars: Episode 8' Star Mark Hamill's Leaked Luke Skywalker Lines [Video]

It had to happen sooner or later. We all hear about the great lengths Star Wars producers go through to ensure each film is spoiler free by the time it hits theaters, from gag orders placed on its stars to chemically treated scripts. As technology advances, so, too, increases the need for greater security measures, a fact proven by the recent leak of some Star Wars: Episode 8 lines. The dialogue, spoken by Mark Hamill in the role of Luke Skywalker, spurs excitement and fan theories about Star Wars: Episode VIII, but what does Mark Hamill himself have to say about the leak?

Star Wars: Episode VIII Leaks Luke Skywalker's First Words To Rey

When Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens left off, Rey (Daisy Ridley) found Luke Skywalker alone in the mountains of Ahch-To and the credits rolled without the Jedi Knight uttering a word, but, as International Business Times reports, leaked dialogue reveals some of the first words to be exchanged by the pair in Episode VIII.

The line was leaked to Mike Zeroh, who then shared the news with his YouTube followers in the video below, from multiple sources. Even though Zeroh places trust in two of the four sources to share this news, he cautions Star Wars fans to take the news of this Episode 8 leak "with a grain of salt," as it has not been officially confirmed.

The line, allegedly leaked by a Star Wars: Episode VIII sound engineer, is spoken by Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker, as he mentors Daisy Ridley.
"You contain the spark that will rekindle the fire."
It seems obvious that, in speaking that line, Luke is counseling Rey in picking up the mantle and carrying on in his place, but it may be that Hamill's character is urging Rey to do more than simply learn the ways of the Jedi. As was the case when Yoda began training Luke, there may be a desire for Rey to become greater and wiser than Luke, himself, perhaps succeeding where the Skywalkers have always failed.

The line is said to be a part of a first teaser to be released in the early part of 2017, possibly for the next year's Comic-Con events.

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Mark Hamill Reveals How Security Measures Have Changed Since The Force Awakens

Mark Hamill feels incredibly frustrated, because he wants to give a good interview, but, as Polygon reveals in covering Hamill's latest public offering, the Star Wars actor can't "say anything about anything" in regard to Star Wars: Episode 8. He compares the newest regulations to the kinds of security precautions imposed on C.I.A. agents.

"You get your pages in the morning, and they take them from you as you walk so they can shred them before it somehow leaks. You have security lines you have to walk through, both to and from set. And, not to mention, you have to wear these big monk hoods to protect your costume from drones," explains Mr. Hamill.

Mark genuinely feels bad, especially because he knows how cheated Star Wars fans felt by the ending of The Force Awakens. After waiting nearly two hours for Hamill's big appearance, Luke Skywalker made only a brief cameo and didn't utter a single word.

"I will say this. I was really surprised to see how strongly people reacted to my participation in Episode VII, and now with VIII, they're so incredibly strict that unfortunately I can't say anything," said Hamill.

For those too anxious to get more from Mark Hamill to wait for the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII in 2017, Hamill now has his own show on Lionsgate's Comic-Con HQ channel, called Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest. The show proves Mark is as big of a nerd as many of his Star Wars and Batman followers, sharing his own collection of memorabilia and stories about meeting fans at various events.

Mr. Hamill reveals that being able to produce the new series has helped him continue his obsessions, while also placating his wife and saving his marriage.

"My wife told me there wasn't any more room in the house, so I had to get a storage unit," reveals the Star Wars star.

"I remember thinking, 'This is ridiculous. What's the point of collecting comic books if you can't show them to people? Or what's the point of collecting board games if you can't play them?' This show gave me license to fill that need inside and enjoy my stuff again."
Star Wars: Episode VIII will hit theaters on December 15, 2017.

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