The greatest papercraft model you’ll ever see

Papercraft is awesome. Zelda is awesome. Combine the two, and you get an awesplosion.

Or, at the very least, you get this: a life-sized, totally amazing paper recreation of Link, hero of the Zelda series. I’d describe most examples of papercraft as “cute,” but this is definitely deserving of “epic.” It’s the work of papercraft expert Haywan, who used 206 pages of cardstock for this 831-piece project, and Lord knows how many inkjet cartridges.

If you’re also a mad genius with time to kill, you can grab the template for this quite astounding model here. Just don’t let the end result anywhere near the Fire Temple. That’s gonna end in tears. Oh, tears. That was totally accidental, but heh.

Some more shots:






[Papercraft Museum, via Go Nintendo]