CCTV Footage Reveals How Nine-Month-Old Received Fractured Skull At Playschool

A nine-month-old child in Mumbai, India, returned home from playschool with bruises on her eyes and various marks on her back and behind her ears, causing the parents concern. In an attempt to find out what was happening, a visit to the doctor revealed that the young child might have been the victim of a beating. Further investigation revealed that the child, named Ritisha, was suffering from a cracked skull and a blood clot.

Ritisha's parents, Rajat Singh, 31, and Ruchita Singh, 29, were understandably upset at the situation and chose to confront the playschool about the issue. After some prodding, the police visited the playschool and reviewed the CCTV footage.

The police obtained the videos and Rajat and Ruchita were able to view the CCTV video of the Purva Nursery. What they witnessed could only be described as 'inhuman' by Rajat.

The horrific footage showed Ritisha being violently abused by one of the nanny's at the playschool, revealing that the young girl was kicked in the head, hit, tossed to the ground, and had toys thrown at her.

According to Metro, the parents went to the daycare before visiting the police, demanding to see the CCTV footage. However, the owner of the nursery refused to allow them to view the recordings. Instead, she demanded they go to the police to obtain the permission to see what was filmed throughout the day. Ruchita claims they did just that.

"She had a fracture in the skull and there was a blood clot. We went straight to the day care centre and demanded to see the CCTV footage, but the owner told us to file a police complaint first. We then rushed to the Kharghar police station and only learnt what had happened to our daughter when the cops checked the CCTV footage the next day."
Rajat was in complete shock when he viewed the footage.
"We could not believe our eyes what we saw. It was inhuman. The maid was manhandling my daughter, hitting her with toys and throwing her on the mat. We just saw what she did to my baby, who knows how she is treating the other kids at the centre."
Ruchita had just returned to work after being on maternity leave. She was concerned about how her daughter would adjust tot he playschool and called the establishment ever 30 minutes, or so. Each time, the owner claimed that her daughter was doing just fine. There was not hint that anything had gone wrong, according to the Hindu.Police arrested the owner of the playschool, Priyanka Nikam, and the maid in charge of watching Ritisha, Afsana Shaikh.

According to the assistant police inspector, Sunil Thopate, Nikam was released from jail on bail. However, Shaikh is still in police custody and is expected to remain there for at least 14 days. Both were charged with voluntarily causing grievous hurt and acts done by several persons.

Ruchita is happy that action was taken by the police to end the child abuse. However, she feels that the charges should have been more harsh, especially since there is no way to know how many more children were violently abused in the past.

"The police should have charged them under attempt to murder. Justice has not been done to what my daughter had to go through."
Ritisha is expected to fully recover from her injuries with no lasting impact from the damage that was endured.[Featured Image by wanrung stock/Shutterstock]