UPS Driver Runs Over Family's Dog, Leaves Note To Apologize As Mother Is Outraged

There have been many claims made against UPS over the years and they have ranged from throwing packages, driving through lawns, and breaking things, but this may be the worst one yet. A woman from Washington is irate after a UPS driver reportedly ran over the family's dog and didn't bother to let them know. Instead of actually advising them in person that he killed the dog, he simply left a "Missed Package" note saying what happened.

According to the Daily Mail, Cynthia Wakelin says that she was not home at the time of the horrible incident which took the life of her very first dog. Upon returning home, she found a "Missed Package" slip on her front door from UPS, but there was much more to it than a delivery at a package attempt.

On the note was a handwritten message which included an apology from the UPS driver, but it was for something far worse than not being able to catch her home to deliver her package. The note said the driver was "sorry," but he backed over "Tobey" and that "he's dead."

As stated in her Instagram post, Wakelin is looking to change the UPS policy that if a pet is accidentally killed by a driver, the family should be told in person or at least by a phone call.

By the way that Wakelin tells the tale, her 14-year-old dog named Toby was roaming free as she allows all of her dogs to do, according to Fox 8. She said they are allowed to go down by the lake near the house, but most of the time, they just "sit on the porch."

Upon returning home from being out, she found the note and had to find a way to explain Toby's death to her children. Wakelin states that the driver did not report the incident to their supervisor and just tried to deliver the package the next day and apologize.

Wakelin did report the situation to the UPS supervisor at the local office.

Along with her anger and sheer frustration with the UPS driver, Wakelin made sure to do what she could to pay tribute to Toby. She took to Instagram to post a picture of the family's beloved dog and write a heartfelt goodbye since she was never able to do that when he died.

She is attempting to have her posts on Instagram and her story to go viral, but not for the reason of just gaining social media attention. Wakelin wants everyone to know what UPS' supposed policy is and how it is wrong that they didn't even find it necessary to tell the family in person that their dog was now dead.

Wakelin wasn't looking for the UPS driver to wait around until she returned home, but someone could have called her. Her phone number was on the collar of the dog as well as on the package the UPS driver was delivering to her residence.

Upon reading the note, Wakelin said that the driver saying Toby was dead "over by where I turn around" really wasn't great info. Per the Daily Mail, she said it took her a while to really hunt for the body of her Shar Pei-terrier mix dog. She finally located his body behind a log in a wooded area which led to her home.

Cynthia Wakelin's dog Toby James had a tragic ending to his life after being with his family for 14 long years. The accusation that a UPS driver ran over the dog, killed it, and left a note to advise the family is something that seems overly inexcusable and Wakelin isn't having it. She is seeking for UPS to change their policy of just leaving a note when a problem arises, especially if it is something as serious as killing the family pet.

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