Watch Animal Adventure Park Owner, April The Giraffe On ‘Good Morning America,’ Live Cam [Video]

April the giraffe has had a busy time lately. After going into labor early Saturday morning, April has appeared on Good Morning America, been written about in news outlets and even hurt her leg as the Inquisitr reported. There's no need to panic, however. The Animal Adventure Park (AAP), the Harpursville, New York petting zoo where April lives, assured the public that April and her calf are doing well. In addition to all of the excitement since April delivered birth on Saturday morning, there is sad news. The live giraffe cam will go offline sometime this week between Wednesday and Friday. It's been a wonderful journey and the Animal Adventure Park has done amazing things with the live cam. They have created a global conversation regarding wild giraffe populations. Once know as the silent extinction, we can truly say thanks to Animal Adventure Park for introducing the public to April the giraffe, as most people are aware of the plight giraffes' face now.

You can watch two videos from April the giraffe and her owner Jordan Patch as they appeared on Good Morning America Monday morning.
Since Jordan Patch first streamed the giraffe cam on YouTube in February, Apil has become a viral sensation. More than 1 million people tuned in on Saturday to watch April give birth live. There has been great interest in April and her new baby calf, and many people are expressing sorrow that the cam is going offline. From the beginning, Jordan Patch stated the cam would remain online for approximately five days after the calf was born. They are a relatively new zoo and reopen for their fifth season on May 13, 2017. Though many would like the live giraffe cam to stay online, the Animal Adventure Park staff including Patch have been extremely busy with construction, new exhibits and animals, multiple births and simply getting ready for the opening.
Watch April the Giraffe and Calf Via the Live Cam

Demand for watching the live cam is great as it comes to a close. If you would like to watch the Animal Adventure Park's giraffe cam's final moments you may do so in the playlist below. The second video in the playlist is the YouTube stream of April giving birth live.

In addition to the live cam, the Animal Adventure Park continues to provide updates on April's calf. The latest update provided a status about April's leg, but also included new photos. Those who subscribed to the Animal Adventure Park's text service receive photos of April, Oliver, and their calf before the public sees them. You can see some of the newest photos of April and her calf as shared by the Animal Adventure Park below.
In the photo below, you can see April and her calf spending time together. Interestingly, Oliver has taken an interest in the newborn calf and has been spotted on the live cam rubbing noses with his son.

A photo posted earlier captured April the giraffe's veterinarian Dr. Tim examining her calf. Mom can be seen overlooking the check up. Dr. Tim also examined April's leg and found her to be on the mend. In an earlier update, Jordan Patch was asked if he would breed April again. He stated that if April had a healthy delivery and postpartum and had the go ahead, they might let the 15-year-old breed one more time.

The photo shared earlier this morning was a solo picture of April's giraffe calf. The calf quickly captured the hearts of the nation and he has worldwide fans. Are you watching the live giraffe cam before it goes offline?

[Featured Image by Edwin Butter/Shutterstock]