'Friends' Reunion: Is Jennifer Aniston Salary Demand Delaying Sitcom Comeback? [Rumors]

Is Friends coming back to NBC?

According to Life & Style, as cited by Gossip Cop, talks in the boardroom about the iconic sitcom making its return have allegedly been made, and it's looking like there's a strong chance that producers and cast members will reunite for a one-off episode sometime next year.

A source for the outlet claims that things are still being discussed, but there's no denying that NBC is more than willing to make this happen.

Fans have protested for a comeback since the show concluded almost 13 years ago, and from what insiders have gathered, the network behind the success of Friends is moving forward with plans to organize something that will bring the show back — even if it's just for one episode.

It's being said that NBC is looking at a TV special during a certain holiday, where the network is guaranteed to land an enormous amount of viewers. Execs are confident that there's still a huge audience out there willing to take a walk down memory lane and be reintroduced to the likes of Rachel Green and Monica Geller.

"More than a decade after the hit show signed off, the gang is headed back to Central Perk!" one source alleges. It's being said that "the guys are reuniting with their female co-stars from the beloved sitcom" for "a scripted Friends reunion. Top-secret negotiations have begun."

"NBC is champing at the bit over Friends coming back for one big episode. They feel it will be a ratings and advertising bonanza. Huge salaries are being tossed around to make it a reality, in part because not everyone's so eager to return."
Concerning the topic of salaries, Jennifer Aniston is reportedly demanding an eye-watering $4 million for just one episode, which is $3 million more than what every cast member made during the show's final series.Aniston's demand to have the highest salary could potentially ignite a war between the actress and her co-stars, including Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry, who have shared their uncertainty about a possible chance to see them reprise their famous roles.

David Schwimmer, Jennifer, and Courteney Cox, however, are very much down for the reunion — as long as the right amount of money is being offered to them, of course. But judging by NBC's supposed high demand in making this comeback happen, it seems as if money is not going to be an issue for the network to spend.

When Friends aired on a weekly basis, it was known to have been sponsored by some of the biggest advertisers in the country. The show made NBC a fortune, and there's no reason to believe that just one episode couldn't recreate the magic that Friends was 12 years ago.

No word on when the show could potentially see a return date, but again, it doesn't seem as if it would be for an entire series. Right now, the most important thing would be to get the entire cast on the same page with their salaries before the network even thinks about moving forward with script ideas and developments.

Jennifer Aniston has never ruled out a Friends reunion — the actress just didn't think that the sitcom could ever come back after its conclusive ending back in 2014. However, now that producers are showing an interest for the actress and her fellow co-stars to reprise their roles if everyone manages to come to an agreement, it seems as if there's a chance that fans will be heading back to Central Perk for at least one episode.

Do you think a Friends reunion will ever happen, or are you going with Yahoo's views, stressing that the chances of the cast ever getting together again are second to none?

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