ESRB Game Ratings For Digital Titles Debuts

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), a self-regulatory body for the video game industry has announced its no-cost service for digitally delivered games.

In order to develop a rating the organizations “Digital Rating Service” provides a detailed online questionnaire to examine a product’s content and age-appropriateness. The system also examines interactive elements, personal information sharing standards, physical location information and exposure to user-generated content.

Among some of the downloadable game developers utilizing the new ESRB system are Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, Nintendo eShop, Wii Shop Channel and Windows 8.

Also included within the systems titles are digital content aggregators, online game networks, streaming and download services which will arrive at a later time.

John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronic Arts says of the system:

“The ESRB’s Digital Rating Service is the most sensible way to implement ratings across the many platforms on which we now publish games. A consistent standard is in the best interest of publishers and consumers alike, empowering parents with the information they need to make informed choices for their families.”

ESRB should be quickly to catch on given the ease at which the system is utilized and the cost elimination for developers.

At this time the Apple App Store and Google Play are not utilizing the ESRB system on their platforms.

It is not believed that the new ESRB rollout will entice Google or Apple to adapt the ratings platform for widespread use.

Do you think the ESRB rating system should be utilized for all digital games and apps?