Millie Mackintosh Nude Photo: 'Made In Chelsea' Actress Causes A Stir By Sharing Racy Photo On Instagram

Millie Mackintosh is making waves for a nude photo shared on Instagram, with the Made In Chelsea star posting a racy picture taken by boyfriend Hugo Taylor.

The picture showed up on the 27-year-old's Instagram page on Friday, which the Daily Mail noted showed Millie "pictured from the back, looking over one shoulder as she showcases her slender frame."

"Pre party pamper," Millie wrote in the caption of the nude photo.

This is not the first time that Millie Mackintosh has made headlines for a nude photo shared on social media. Last year, her then-husband, Professor Green, shared another picture of Millie naked in the bath.

Mackintosh later told Times 2 that the nude picture didn't go over so well with her mother.

"It was quite tongue-in-cheek. My mum gave me a bit of a telling off," Millie said.

For Mackintosh, the nude photos are a bit out of place from her normal social media habits. Her Instagram page is mostly filled with shots of the actress hanging out with friends and going on vacation. Unlike some actors and reality stars who use their social media to share racy pictures and keep themselves in the spotlight, most of Millie's shots appear to be quite tame.

In the time since last year's picture was posted, the relationship between Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green crashed and burned. The couple split earlier in the year amid rumors of what the Daily Mail called "explosive rows" and Millie's reluctance to have children with the 33-year-old rapper.

"Kids became a big problem. Millie didn't want them any time soon and he did," a source told The Sun. "It's really sad for Stephen because he's a lovely and sensitive guy who will make a great dad one day. They loved each other but would have these crazy explosive rows."

But Professor Green later admitted that he was just as scared about becoming a father.

"Something that petrifies me is the idea of fatherhood, and all that comes with it," he told The Telegraph. "Being a man is being a consistent presence in your child's life, breadwinner or otherwise, making a safe place for them to grow into adults, and all the while contributing to their growth in a completely positive way."

Millie Mackintosh isn't the only British star to make waves in recent weeks by sharing a nude photo. Last month, a string of celebrities got caught up in sex tape scandals that appeared to be the result of a nearly identical scam. Former X Factor stars Sam Callahan and Shayne Ward were both targeted in separate incidents, with a scammer convincing them to record racy videos that were then leaked last month.

As Ward's representatives noted, the video was from years ago and the Coronation Street star took responsibility.

"This video is years old. Shayne was single at the time and it happened when he was on tour with War of the Worlds," his representative told The Sun."He's so embarrassed this has happened. The conversation between him and the supposed woman have left him hugely red faced. He can't believe anyone would do this."

A few days later, ruby star and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ben Cohen was also targeted. It was not clear if all three stars were hit by the same person or group of hackers, and also not clear if police were investigating the leaked videos.

While Millie Mackintosh's nude photo may be a bit different in that it was intentionally shared, it's kicking up just as much attention, including coverage in Britain and across international news outlets.

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