Josh Duggar Makes Rare Social Media Appearance, Fuels Rumors Of A Reality Television Return

Josh Duggar is the sore thumb that sticks out in the family. He has caused his relatives shame, including his wife and children. After spending years in the public eye preaching the word of God, Duggar’s skeletons were leaked to the public. The initial scandal was one that shocked fans, turning some of them against a family they watched for years. A police report from his teenage years was released and the crime listed was unimaginable, as he molested his sisters and a family friend when they were just children. Just as Josh was recovering from what was leaked to the public, another scandal was brought to light with the Ashley Madison hack. The year 2015 was a rough year for Duggar and the members of his family.

TLC decided to cancel 19 Kids and Counting after finding out what Josh Duggar did as a teen and then what he was currently doing as an adult. All of this happened just as the show had aired it’s season finale. After seeing the loss of income from pulling the Duggars off the air, the network attempted to rework the show without offending any of the advertisers. An agreement was reached and it was decided that Josh Duggar would be banned from any show featuring the family and the network decided to create a show that featured the older siblings moving on with their lives.

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In recent weeks, Josh Duggar has been very visible in photos posted to social media and the family blog. This new development has fans talking and questions are being raised about a possible return. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar returning to television would be a mistake. While many fans would love to see and hear from him, taking the gamble with sponsors isn’t worth it for the network. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the family shared photos of everyone spending time together and Michelle penned a blog post about forgiveness. It seems the family just wants to move on.


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For now it appears that Josh Duggar will not be on the show. TLC is making a lot of money off of Counting On, with ratings at an all-time high. With all of the changes the Duggar daughters are going through with babies, courting, and marriage, sacrificing what the advertisers want is not in the cards. While he did attend Jinger’s wedding, Josh was cut out of the footage that made it on air. Some fans were upset that he was cut out of such a big event while others believe it is the only way to do it. The opinions vary depending on who is asked and that makes it difficult for the network to advocate for him to rejoin the spotlight.

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It has been over a year since the initial scandal broke and almost one year since Josh Duggar entered rehab for sex addiction. His family has begun to heal and spend more time with him in public settings. Things are not forgotten, but they have been forgiven. Anna Duggar decided to remain with her husband and work on their marriage. They share four children together, and speculations have been swirling that another baby could possibly be on the way. With the way things are going and Duggar having more of a presence on the family blog and social media, a television comeback is becoming more likely.

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After the year Josh Duggar experienced, it is safe to say the family has seen what skeletons in the closet can do to people in the public eye. His juvenile record was supposed to remain sealed and when it was leaked, the Duggar sisters were victimized all over again. They have moved beyond what happened, but it opened up fresh wounds for them all. Josh Duggar has been the target of harsh criticism and instead of hiding, he is now ready to face the public on or off television.

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