What I Learned from The Hills’ Season 4, Episode 7: Audrina Needs to Shut It

Lauren Conrad is the object of a lot of flack: you know, for getting jobs that maybe she doesn’t deserve, for having a bad attitude, and being a predictable dresser. Ahem. I may or may not agree, but no girl deserves what happened last night. I’m starting to slip into the Lauren Conrad camp after all. What is with all of her friends?

Here goes: Lauren goes to Italy, Stephanie Pratt spills to Audrina that she might want to date Lauren’s ex Doug (mistake), and then Audrina tells all of Lauren’s friends before she gets home (mistake mistake). What was she thinking? Oh, wait.

But what gets me is that Audrina doesn’t just tell concerned parties. She tells everyone she knows, and then brings it up again for good measure. She tells her co-workers, she tells Lo, and she tells Justin-Bobby, but worst of all, she tells Heidi and Spencer. Inexcusable! I am glad that Audrina just moved out, because she was probably a week away from getting kicked out.

Magically, Lo’s back to being the good guy again.

Is it wrong that I feel bad for Lauren?