LSU Fan Photo Proves Controversial After Crosses Airbrushed Out To Avoid Conveying Religious Message

A LSU fan photo has caused some controversy on the internet after it was revealed at Louisiana State University had airbrushed out crosses sported as a nod to Christ by the “Painted Posse” in promotional pics.

The LSU fan photo had, untouched, depicted the body painted fans with tiny purple crosses by their right shoulders. Barely noticeable amid the loud colors, the small Christian symbol was summarily removed for LSU promo materials in order to avoid the appearance of advocating any one religion.

The LSU fan photo controversy has managed to offend those depicted, as the men feel that their small symbol was inoffensive and done in good faith. LSU junior Joel D’Aubin explained that as a member of the Painted Posse, the cross is a way to honor his faith even at a football game:

“We do this because we love LSU football, but we have a greater love for Christ … It’s cool to be watching ‘Sports Center’ on ESPN, something that’s shown throughout America, and see the cross.”

Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Senior Associate Athletics Director Herb Vincent explained the censorship, saying:

“Those crosses were airbrushed out … We don’t want to convey any religious or political message.”

In response to the controversy sparked by the censored LSU fan photo, the Painted Posse released a statement, opting not to criticize the university but rather note that an apology was rendered:

“The university has reached out to our group and apologized for this incident … The following statement should be considered the last such communication from any Posse member regarding the ‘cross airbrushing’ incident … We encourage anyone who would like to honor Jesus Christ to join us by wearing a cross on Nov. 3rd.”

Do you think the university was wrong to airbrush crosses out of the LSU fan photo?