‘Ghost Adventures’ To Investigate Dark History Filled Orphanage In Twin Bridges, Montana

The Ghost Adventures crew is known for their investigations of deeply troubled locations where sorrow and/or evil dwells. Lead investigator Zak Bagans, along with Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley subject themselves to terror each time they enter one of these dark locations. In an all-new episode of Ghost Adventures tonight, the crew will be heading to Twin Bridges, Montana to investigate an orphanage with a dark past. Zak will attempt to communicate with the spirit of a little girl in their never-ending quest for evidence of the paranormal.


The Travel Channel shared video clips of the upcoming episode in which Zak explains to fans they will be crossing through the gates of hell and bringing them along for the ride. The Twin Bridges Orphanage holds memories of fear, sadness, loneliness and death within its walls. Zak was able to locate a former orphan who resided there as a child. The elderly gentlemen flew in from Seattle to share his stories and walk with Zak through the abandoned orphanage. He revealed stories of fear because children were constantly beaten for small wrongdoing, even beyond their control, such as bed wetting. The former orphan shared how they would attempt to dry sheets on radiators to try to avoid the harsh punishment.

In another video clip shared, it is revealed that there is a list of children who died at the orphanage between the years of 1897-1944. There were 116 names on the list and it is believed there are possibly more, as this list only contains documented deaths. The owner of the orphanage was on the fence about allowing Zak and the crew onto the property to investigate but ultimately agreed to do so. Zak even mentions that they are the first ever paranormal group to be allowed to investigate this haunted, historic orphanage.

The owner says she believes the orphanage is very haunted. She states she has seen the ghosts and has also experienced them. Another female goes to say she believes some of these children were actually killed at this orphanage. She says it would have been easy for one of the children to be backhanded and fall down the stairs to their death. TV Guide shares that Zak will also be visiting a nearby cemetery where some of these children are buried.

Ghost Adventures took to Twitter to share a quote by Zak regarding this investigation. Zak said, “Little kids shouldn’t be lost. Not in life. Not in death.” Zak went to Twitter to also share a sentiment from the owner regarding the ghosts of the children who still reside at this orphanage. Zak shared that the owner said sometimes she could hear the children singing as a tear made its way down her cheek.


It is during this episode that Jay Wasley will also catch a light anomaly moving from room to room. Zak will also attempt to communicate with what could be a little girl whose spirit remains at the orphanage. Zak shares there is always the possibility that perhaps it’s not actually a child, but something darker and bigger.

Only In Your State has shared information on this haunted location as well. It was reported that former residents of the orphanage all have stories of harsh discipline, loneliness, and depression. While it provided these unwanted children with somewhere to live and be fed and clothed, it has a dark history that evokes sadness from those who lived there.

Don’t miss tonight’s heartbreaking and terrifying lock-down as Zak and the guys attempt to communicate with the spirits that still dwell at the old Montana orphanage. Tune into the Travel Channel to see if Zak is successful at contacting the spirit he is reaching out to. An all new Ghost Adventures airs tonight.

[Featured Image by Aaron Goodwin/Instagram]