Cobie Smulders On Working With Tom Cruise And The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Cast

Cobie Smulders, the Canadian model and actress born as Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders, rose to prominence when she co-starred in the popular television show How I Met Your Mother and later featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Smulders appeared in The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Age of Ultron when she played the role of Maria Hill, a Government officer heading the fictional law-enforcement agency known as the SHIELD.

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In Marvel comics, Commander Maria plays an important role in the war between the superheroes when she decides to arrest Captain America for refusing to follow Government stipulations. The comic book reveals that Captain America manages to escape, and Maria Hill is responsible for returning the rebelling super-hero.

Fans may then have been surprised to see Cobie Smulders playing the role of a fugitive military officer who teams up with another action-hero in the Tom Cruise movie Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Tom Cruise plays the title role of Jack Reacher, the action-hero who strives to prove the innocence of Major Susan Turner, Smulder’s character, who is being victimized as part of a Government conspiracy.

Like a true Tom Cruise dominated action-thriller, the new Jack Reacher movie is filled with both action and suspense. Both actors were perfect choices for their characters in the film, as Smulders played a military role in the Marvel movies while Tom Cruise has played a Government agent in films like Mission Impossible and Minority Report.

Filming for the movie proved to be very demanding for Smulders, and the actress had to undergo extensive training to prepare for her role. However, she accepted the challenge and followed a grueling schedule because was so motivated by Tom Cruise’s dedication. According to Esquire, the actress revealed details about the physical training she underwent to play Susan Turner.

“I think we trained for between six and eight weeks, just every day crushing it. It was fight training for two hours and strength training for two more hours. It was about four hours each day, seven days a week. It was pretty intense.”

Smulders has said that she found the whole experience thrilling and that some scenes will surely give the audience an instant adrenaline rush. The actress found the car chase scenes very exciting, and she strived to stay focused while occupying the driver’s seat.

However, Entertainment Weekly reports that she clearly had butterflies in her stomach when Tom Cruise was driving in high-speed car chase scenes.

“The times that Tom was driving, it was like being on a Canadian roller coaster: It’s kind of fun, and you don’t really know what’s gonna happen.”

Cobie Smulders is highly impressed with Tom Cruise’s filmmaking skills. Like many actresses who have been star-struck while working with the Top Gun star, Smulders suddenly became short of words when describing her Jack Reacher co-star; who was also the movie’s producer. Esquire reported that the actress spoke about how working with Tom Cruise is a unique experience.

“I have never met anybody who loves making movies as much as Tom. He lives and breathes it. He’s a lover of film and loves to make movies. He’s so aware of how to do these films, how to make them entertaining.”

Even though Cobie Smulders loves working on films, she admits there are some benefits to working on a television serial. The actress first rose to stardom when she played Robin Scherbatsky on the CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

According to ABC News, Cobie Smulders spoke of the fun she had while bonding with her co-actors during the shooting of the popular CBS sitcom.

“I feel like starring in a TV show is such a fun thing. You join together and you do this pilot and you don’t want to jinx anything because everyone gets along really well. It was such a lovely group.”

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