‘Arrow’ Stars Talk Season 5, Episode 8 CW 4-Way Crossover Event — Barry’s Future Message, Diggle’s Flashpoint/Supergirl Reaction, And Release Dates

Arrow stars weighed in on the CW crossover event next week. Season 5, Episode 8 marks how far Oliver Queen has come as he’s even mayor of Star City.

The show joins the rest of the line-up in a four night event entitled “Heroes v. Aliens” which will debut an alien force bent on invading Earth One. They are named The Dominators and the nomenclature alone isn’t a good indicator that they are friendly.


Arrow-verse actors Caity Lotz talked about Sara Lance’s girl crush on Supergirl, Victor Garber gives some information on the future Flash’s message originally intended for Rip Hunter, and Maisie Richardson-Sellers gives her take on the crossover in general, noting a celebratory mingling among the superheroes, according to Heroic Hollywood.

Dig Digs Supergirl? Fans Will See Spartan’s Reaction

John Diggle, played by David Ramsey, is always fun to watch ever since writers continued the running gag of him never getting over The Flash’s super powers when Arrow crosses over with Barry Allen. Ramsey talked about his character’s reaction to encountering Supergirl, played by Melissa Benoist, according to Heroic Hollywood.

“I always think it’s fun when Diggle gets to go to these other worlds. He’s really a nuts-and-bolts kind of guy, and metahumans kind of freak him out a bit. So I really wanted to see this whole Diggle/Supergirl reaction.”

So if Diggle or “Dig” can’t get over The Flash, it’ll be a pretty interesting perspective when he encounters Kara Zor-El. She had already demonstrated her powers to the team-up when Barry introduced her to the group.

Felicity Smoak knows about Dig’s alternative time line child adjustment via Barry Allen’s visit to the Arrow’s hideout in season three’s second episode of The Flash. He got her caught up on Flashpoint, according to IGN.

Flashpoint Impact On Diggle’s Kid Gender Reversal

Not only that, David discussed the Flashpoint repercussions involving Barry Allen altering the time line. This course of action had a major impact which invited new enemies into Earth One. Doctor Alchemy seems to be the trigger man in the majority of cases, but Diggle’s son in the altered time line was his daughter Sara initially.

Arrow’s David Ramsey was at the 2016 Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Atlanta and he weighed in on his character’s reaction to finding out about his offspring being his daughter in an alternate reality. He explained Diggle doesn’t get mad, but shows a serious concern about Barry’s “misuse of powers,” according to Heroic Hollywood.

“It’s a great story point. You’ll see Diggle’s reaction to understanding that he once had a daughter in the big four-way crossover that I’m sure everyone here is looking forward to, and it’s going to be more compassionate than you might think. Clearly, Diggle can’t miss something that he’s never had, and from his perspective, there’s only been John, Jr. — Sara never existed for him. He’s not going to be angry. He’s going to be much more concerned about Barry’s misuse of his powers.”

Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash had already demonstrated this when recently Damien Darhk pleaded with the evil speedster regarding changing his destiny in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Could the two working together to alter destinies likely setting things up for the CW crossover event?

It would seem Arrow’s Diggle will be feeling the revelation of changes in the timeline.

The 2016 Flash Receives Message From 2056 Flash

The message from Barry Allen’s 2056 transmission that has been ever kept a secret between Legends Jax and Martin Stein will be revealed during this CW crossover event. Victor Garber weighed in on this message delivery and the only detail he gave was that the present day Flash will find out what the message entails coming from his future counterpart.

Caity Lotz On White Canary’s Girl Crush On Supergirl

The actress who played the Black Canary on Arrow and is now the captain of the Waverunner on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow gave her take on her character’s reaction to the “Girl of Steel.”

“[Sara is] intimidated by her, at first, because she’s used to being the bad bitch in town Then all of a sudden comes this alien girl who can, like, levitate and burn things with her eyes. I think [Sara needs to get] over that intimidation and go, ‘OK, I see you.’ She’s impressed by her.”

Vixen And The Mixing And Mingling Of Characters

Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who appeared on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as Vixen, not to be confused with Arrow’s Vixen guest star Megalyn E.K, weighed in on the whole team-up. She even expressed how the superheroes will interact in a celebratory fashion.


“But then at the end of our episode [airing Thursday], it’s really wonderful because you see everyone together, sort of celebrating in a sense, and that’s when they begin to chat a bit.”

The four way crossover dates begin with Supergirl’s “Medusa” episode on Monday, Nov. 28, followed by The Flash episode on Tuesday, Nov. 29. After that Arrow celebrates its season five, episode eight debut which marks the show’s 100th episode on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

The final CW crossover event will end with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airing on Thursday, Dec. 1. All of which will air at 8 p.m. EST on their corresponding days with the latter three show episodes being titled, “Invasion!”

Will The CW’s Arrow characters be ready to acclimate to a Kryptonian? Will National City have a cemented relationship with that of Star City and Central City via this crossover event?

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