Psy Talks About ‘Gangnam Style’ On Reddit AMA

Psy turned out to Reddit on Wednesday for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that covered his thoughts on the surprise international hit, the reaction he’s gotten since becoming an overnight sensation, and his favorite parody of the song.

Answering in terse responses, Psy took an hour out of his day to answer the questions Reddit users had for him, with comments in the thread quickly topping 10,000. The Psy Reddit AMA touched mostly on “Gangnam Style.”

When asked if “Gangnam Style'” was meant as a critique of South Korean society, Psy answered: “GS is not a critique, just FUN!”

Psy hit a number of other topics as well, including his favorite “Gangnam Style” parody (the Ohio university marching band), what instruments he plays (clarinet and drums), and just why he was so mad at a woman’s backside in the “Gangnam Style” music video (because her a** was so mad).

Actually, Reddit questioners seemed to like that line of questioning. User Deadly_Lust asked Psy: “How many a**es have you screamed at since the start of your singing?”

A seemingly surprised Psy answered: “lots of a** questions. it is embarrassing to admit but this was my very first time”

It wasn’t all gag questions. User dckunited asked Psy if he thought that “Gangnam Style” would turn into the catchiest song of all time. Psy admitted that he did, but “only for Korea.”

Psy has been making quite a run with “Gangnam Style” since it first debuted earlier in the summer. He has made appearances on a number of television shows, including a full round of the morning talk show circuit and a surprise visit to Saturday Night Live.

The full Psy Reddit AMA can be found here.