'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Is Carl Going To Die?

Walking Dead fans experienced both anger and grief after watching the Season 7 opener. Since then, we haven't seen the deaths of any more major characters, but that is bound to not last long. Because of a tweet from Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl) and subsequent online discussion, some are theorizing that he may be the next to go. What's the likelihood of that?

Here's the tweet that started it all.

People quickly began talking about what that may mean for Riggs' future on TWD. Speculation that he may not return after Season 7 gained momentum after his father, William Riggs, made a post to Instagram. Check it out.The caption worried fans - especially #freedom. And there was the Facebook post by Chandler's father that added to fan panic. That post has since been deleted, but Comicbook quoted it as saying the following.
"7 year contract completed! Grateful to AMC, Cast & Crew, TWD fan base, and especially Chandler for always being 100% dedicated. Whether is was getting up at 4 AM, working in the freezing cold past 2 AM, leaving his friends and carefree kiddom behind, scrambling to make up missed schoolwork, he has done it without complaint and always made me proud & amazed to be his dad!"
Walking Dead fans were in a frenzy. Surely, we wouldn't be forced to watch him die after the gut-wrenching deaths of Abraham and Glenn. A theory about how he might die and some foreshadowing of his death even made its way to the internet. It's a theory that really isn't far fetched.

Remember the scene in last week's Walking Dead episode where Carl was practicing throwing darts and was doing miserably at it? Did you notice he was throwing them with his left hand? And the other scene where he pulled a gun on one of the saviors. He was holding the gun in his left hand. This in spite of the fact that throughout The Walking Dead, he has always been right-handed. Negan even asked him in the season premiere if he was a southpaw, and he said no. There has to be a reason he is suddenly using his left hand. As explained by Huffington Post, a fan theory emerged that said that this foreshadows Carl making a failed attempt on Negan's life. He has some plan to throw off Negan by using his left hand to try to shoot him. The theory says that he will miss, and Negan will kill him.



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Would this really happen? Maybe. Or maybe there will be some variation of this theory. CinemaBlend reported, back before the season premiere that Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes) indicated that Negan and Carl will have an interesting relationship.

"I'm interested in the relationship between Negan and Carl and Carl and Rick. There's a very complicated, extraordinary psychology between those characters."
"Relationship" indicates something that will go beyond what we've seen so far. In the graphic novels that serve as source material for The Walking Dead, he does make an unsuccessful attempt at killing Negan. The brutal leader then takes him under his wing because he likes the fact that the boy had the guts to even try to kill him.
Some fans, however, have speculated that Daryl, who doesn't appear in the graphic novels at all, may pick up part of Carl's storyline. Getting back to Chandler Riggs going to college - some have said it's possible that he will do both, that he will commute from school to TWD. But Auburn is about an hour and a half from where The Walking Dead is filmed. And asking the cast and crew to film around his school schedule would be asking a lot. So the idea that Daryl may cover the remainder of Carl's story arc would be an easy way to deal with it. It makes sense not only from a "real world" perspective, but also because Daryl is already on the inside with Negan, and has sort of been taken under his wing like Carl was in the graphic novels.

Time will tell how things play out for Carl. Rumor has it that the relationship between him and Negan will be a central part of the Walking Dead episode titled "Sing Me A Song." That episode will air on December 4.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC every Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET.

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