Donald Trump News: Left-Wing Journalist Sarah Harvard Promotes Fake Story About Racist Trump Supporter [Opinion]

The latest Donald Trump news regarding the mainstream media bias his supporters continually broach about appears to be pretty significant indeed. According to The Daily Caller, Mic journalist Sarah Harvard fell for a fake story after she posted a tweet asking, “If you’re a person of color, Muslim, and/or LGBTQ, and have been attacked by a Trump supporter. DM/email me,” followed by her email address and “Safe space.”


Harvard was looking for Donald Trump news that would paint him in yet another bad light, which, of course, she has every right to do. However, she has actively promoted the fake story and shot down any attempts at scrutiny.

Matt Christiansen, a right-leaning YouTuber who saw Sarah’s tweet, decided to engage her in a game in which he was the only one who knew the rules. He gave her Donald Trump news, alright. There was just one problem, being that it never happened.

Christiansen and one other person compiled a piece of spurious Donald Trump news which told the story of a Native American female who was terrorized by a Caucasian male who had mistaken her for being a Mexican. After the harasser found out her actual ethnicity, he defended his behavior by proclaiming, “white is right.”


“Using a fake email and the name ‘Laurel Nelson,’ the pranksters emailed Harvard their story with the subject line ‘aggressive Trump supporter.’ The Daily Caller was provided with copies of the email exchanges between Harvard and ‘Laurel Nelson.'”

Sarah took a screenshot of the contents of the “account” given by “victim” Laurel Nelson and after getting permission from Christiansen to do so, posted it on Twitter. As of this writing both of her tweets herein are still up, hence it appears she hasn’t received any backlash so far for publishing false information and claiming it as truth.


It’s interesting that Christiansen did not have Laurel mention right off the bat why she thought the man she bumped into was a Trump follower, and Harvard apparently didn’t need that information for her piece of negative Donald Trump news.

As it turns out, the day following the original email sent to Harvard by Christiansen, he emailed her back as “Laurel” and told her “she’d” just come to the realization that there was no direct evidence the man she’d encountered at the coffee shop was, in fact, a fan of the president-elect.

“I was talking to a friend about this incident and she brought up a good point. I don’t have any way to confirm that the guy in my story was a Trump supporter. I assumed he was because he was a rude white male, but there is no way to know who he really voted for.”

Also, what are the chances that a scared female minority would talk back by saying, “you can at least say sorry,” to a Trump loyalist if she really fears him? Wouldn’t that be a bad idea?

Christiansen seems to, whether purposely or not, feed into the social justice warrior narrative with his fictional Donald Trump news, as Laurel says she told the Trump supporter that she’s Native American and therefore her people claimed U.S. land long before Europeans took over. This is a classic argument from liberal millennials. However, what are the chances a person in a vulnerable situation who obviously feels victimized would say such a thing?

What makes this story of bogus Donald Trump news all the more disturbing is the fact that the mainstream media is currently trying to label alternative, though perfectly authentic, news outlets as “fake news.”


A liberal professor produced a list of sources she has determined to be “false, misleading, clickbait-y, and satirical ‘news’ sources” and the mainstream press has been citing it as gospel ever since. Not surprisingly, Mic, the outlet Sarah Harvard writes for, is not on that list. Of course, she hasn’t yet written an article on “Laurel Nelson’s” story, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t or couldn’t.

This fake Donald Trump news has now been exposed as completely bogus, but will the journalist who conjured it up erase it from her social media accounts once she realizes she’s been had? We shall wait and see.

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