Miranda Lambert Allegedly Blasts Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani, ‘Their Albums Didn’t Sell & All They Did Was Press’

Miranda Lambert is allegedly slamming ex-husband Blake Shelton and girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

According to reports, Lambert didn’t hold back when discussing Blake and Gwen amidst the release of her new album, The Weight of These Wings, allegedly blasting Shelton and Stefani for using their romance to promote their albums which garnered somewhat mediocre sales.

Fox News is alleging that Miranda, who divorced Blake after three years of marriage in a surprise move in 2015, seriously slammed Shelton and Stefani’s recent album sales before then refusing to discuss her past marriage to her fellow country star in interviews after dropping her double-disc album The Weight of These Wings on November 18.

An insider alleged to the site that Miranda told her team to turn down all interviews prior to the album’s release, suggesting that Lambert is now hitting back at Gwen and Blake for flaunting their love in interviews to promote their recent albums by keeping her dating life with new boyfriend Anderson East and former romance with Shelton private.

Anderson East & Miranda Lambert
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According to the site’s Lambert insider, Miranda blasted Shelton and Stefani by allegedly telling her team “Gwen and Blake’s albums didn’t sell, and all they did was do press” after making it clear that she would not be doing interviews to promote her new album, likely to avoid questions about her and Shelton’s 2015 divorce.

“She’s trying to go Beyoncé and let the music do the talking,” the Lambert insider continued, claiming that Miranda allegedly made her team “turn all of it down” after being offered a number of in-depth interview features with big time publications including Rolling Stone and The New York Times.

“[Miranda] went to her publicist and said, ‘I don’t want to do any of it. I want the music to speak for me,'” the Lambert source continued, as Stefani continues to post loving snaps of herself and Shelton on social media.

Notably, Gwen’s March release “This Is What The Truth Feels Like,” suffered from reportedly low sales after Billboard claimed that the album shifted just 84,000 copies in its first week while Chart Data claimed that Stefani’s first release in a decade had only moved 167,000 copies four months later in July.

Blake’s May release “If I’m Honest” suffered a slightly better fate in terms of sales, as Roughstock reported in November that Shelton’s latest album, which features songs rumored to be about both Miranda and Gwen, had sold 482,500 copies so far.

But while Miranda Lambert is allegedly staying tight-lipped about her past with Blake Shelton as he continues to date Gwen Stefani and the wedding rumors swirl, Lambert’s silence has certainly got fans talking amid reports she blasted Blake and Gwen.

Many fans have flocked to social media to speculate that Lambert’s latest release The Weight of These Wings, her first album to drop since she split with Shelton in 2015, claiming that Miranda has been getting serious personal about their relationship and subsequent divorce in the album’s lyrics rather than opening up for publicity.

A number of fans alleged that Miranda sings about Blake on a number of the double disc album’s 24 songs, speaking out about Lambert putting her feelings into her music rather that speaking out about her apparent drama with her ex in interviews.

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert
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“I wonder if Blake listened to Miranda’s new album…. I hope he feels awful,” Twitter user @BuffyAckman tweeted out amid the speculation surrounding Lambert’s The Weight of These Wings, while @toricorona wrote, “Miranda Lambert’s album is more heart felt than Blake’s new one…. Awww she really had her heart broken.”

But while some fans praised Lambert for signing about Blake, and potentially his new romance with Gwen, others slammed Miranda for seemingly using her and Shelton’s 2015 breakup in her new music.

“Miranda will be on my sh**list forever,” Stefani fan @GwensMyIdol tweeted out of the speculation surrounding Lambert’s new album and alleged Blake and Gwen call outs. “She does not understand why people throws shade. Blake loved her so much… she calls her FU a Vice,” the fan added.

Do you think Miranda Lambert has been throwing some serious shade Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s way amid the release of The Weight of These Wings, despite refusing all interviews?

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