‘Her Dark Past’: Is Lifetime’s Amnesia Movie Known As ‘The Many Faces Of Alice’ A True Story, Starring Anna Lise Phillips, JR Bourne?

Her Dark Past is Lifetime Movie Network’s latest psychological thriller about a woman who loses her memory after an attack. Her Dark Past is directed by Kevin Shulman and written by Bonnie Hallman and Lyn Woodward. Also known under the original title, The Many Faces Of Alice, Her Dark Past stars Anna Lise Phillips, JR Bourne, Kevin Ryan, and Kristina Klebe.

Movie Synopsis: Her Dark Past on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN)

Her Dark Past (The Many Faces of Alice) is centered around Alice, a wife who is viciously attacked and left for dead. After she is taken to the nearby emergency room, doctors and nurses try desperately to find out the woman’s identity.

When Alice wakes up in the hospital, she doesn’t remember anything about what happened to her. Baffled, she has no recollection of who she is. Matters are complicated even further after her husband, Peter, shows up to the hospital, stating that she is his wife.

Alice doesn’t recognize or remember Peter, and she is afraid now that she knows that someone is trying to kill her. For a woman who has lost her memory, Alice has a lot of questions. She wants to get to the bottom of why someone would be targeting her.

To find out the truth about her past, she starts to do a little digging. First, she finds out from Peter that she has been married several times before. Then, a strange man comes into her life, claiming that they were involved in an extramarital affair.

None of this sounds familiar to Alice, and she can’t believe the things that she is finding out about herself.

Even worse, it looks like Alice has no family, according to Peter. This is something that she finds troubling. Soon, Alice gets her hands on some shocking information about Peter. According to an old newspaper article, he was once a suspect in the murder of his first wife, Julia Richardson.

Julia was a socialite and considered the “pillar of the community.” No one knew why anyone would want to kill her. Police detectives zoned in on Peter Richardson after finding out that he was having marital and financial problems in the marriage.

But without any hard evidence, Peter had to be released, and within weeks, he married Alice. Now, Alice doesn’t know who to trust since none of this makes any sense.

Is it possible that Peter is feeding false memories to Alice, hoping that she won’t remember the truth? And can Alice even trust herself?

True Stories of Amnesia

Her Dark Past sounds like it could be based or partially inspired by a true story. Although, there is nothing to point to an exact true story, the Lifetime movie does have some elements of a story that circulated around social media.

  • 2016: A strange woman named “Sam” was brought to a San Diego emergency room after she was brutally attacked. She had no memory of who she was, and only memories of scenes in Australia and Hawaii were familiar to her. The story went viral on social media, which led to her sister finally identifying her as 54-year-old Ashley Menatta, according to the New York Daily News.
  • 2011: Amber Gerweck, a missing mother, was relocated after a photo of a tattoo on her back was released to the public by police in Joliet. For a month, authorities say Amber Gerweck had no idea who she was. A picture of the tattoo can be seen here.
  • 1979: Dianna Green was attacked in her home. At the hospital, doctors treated her for a severe blow to the head. As a result of the injury, she suffered with amnesia. She was convinced that her husband, Kevin Green, had attacked her. He was sent to prison for 16 years but was released and exonerated of the crime, according to the Innocence Project. The attacker was Gerald Parker, a serial killer known as the Bedroom Basher. Dianna Green, they say, is still convinced that her husband did it.

Filmed in Los Angeles, California, Her Dark Past (The Many Faces Of Alice), is a Marvista Entertainment production. It is executive produced by Marguerite Henry. Her Dark Past airs this Sunday, November 27, at 8/7 p.m. on LMN. Last week, Lifetime movie viewers enjoyed Nightmare Wedding and Best Selling Murder.

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