‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Makes Her Move-Will Sonny And Carly Survive Her Plans For Them?

On this upcoming week of ABC’s General Hospital, Nelle Hayes is about to mess with Sonny Corinthos even more than she already has. She has manipulated the mobster while his emotions are all over the place after Morgan’s death, and it looks like her plans are just getting started. What does she have in store for the Corinthos family?

Sonny and Carly have been at odds over his involvement in their son’s death and now they are living apart and dealing with their grief separately. Now that Jax is back in town, Carly has leaned on him for support through this ordeal. She also thinks that Nelle has her back as well. However, according to spoilers by Soap Central for the week of November 28, her trusty little assistant will finally be putting her plan into motion and it won’t be pretty.


General Hospital fans have been watching Nelle for months trying to figure out if she is good or bad. She has been quite helpful to everyone, including Michael and Sonny. While everyone thought that she may have been brought in as a love interest for Michael after Sabrina died, it looks like her affections will be geared towards his dad instead.

A new promo has been posted that shows Nelle’s scheme being put into motion. During the Thanksgiving celebration last week, Carly and Jax got closer and Nelle had realized that this would be a perfect time to make her move on Sonny. She has managed to get herself on the front lines of the Corinthos family so that Carly trusts her completely. Now that she has shared a kiss with her ex, Nelle went running over to Sonny to manipulate him even more.


Sonny had been drinking alone when Nelle came to check in on him. She subtly dropped the Jax bomb on him and he picked up on it right away. Sonny demanded that Nelle tell him if Carly is sleeping with Jax. Those two men have been enemies for years on General Hospital with passing both Carly and Brenda Barrett between them. Sonny thinks that he has lost Carly to Jax and Nelle is expected to take full advantage of that.

However, Carly seems to be missing Sonny and will be paying him a visit. She will be coming clean with him, according to Soaps She Knows. Maybe that means she tells him about her kiss with Jax and that could set him off again. Carly has no idea that the person that she let into her private life is now possibly planning to take over her life with Sonny.

The new General Hospital promo reveals Sonny waking up in bed with Nelle. Now that could always just be a dream, but it looks like that could happen this upcoming week. If that should come true, this could be the end for Sonny and Carly. Of course, that always opens up the whole future pregnancy storyline for Nelle as Sonny is known for fathering many children with different women.

How about Jax? He is not expected to stick around Port Charles much longer. He will be getting a phone call from someone that will leave him anxious. What is his deal anyway? He revealed to Alexis on last week’s General Hospital that he did indeed get Josslyn’s kidney from the black market. He also questioned Nelle a bit last week so maybe he is getting suspicious of Nelle right now. At first it looked like he knew who she was, but that doesn’t look to be true. He could be doing some digging of his own as to who Nelle really is.

Who is Nelle Hayes exactly? There are many speculations running rampant, but it sure looks like she wants what Carly has and that is Sonny Corinthos. Is she just trying to hurt Carly for some reason?

Will Sonny and Carly ever get back together after this Nelle fiasco? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out how far she will go to get what she wants.

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