Natasha Bure Used To Struggle With Her Faith And Insecurities

One look at Natasha Bure's Instagram page and you would assume the singer has plenty of confidence. But that wasn't always the case. The 18-year-old is talking about her faith and insecurities in her new book, Let's Be Real. She's been actively promoting her memoir and guidebook for teens. Natasha revealed in a new interview on Tuesday, April 18 that she's struggled with things that most normal teens do.

Not only did Natasha doubt herself, but she also doubted her faith. The aspiring model spoke openly to the Christian Post about her Christian upbringing. She grew up in a religious household and was raised by her mom, Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure. Natasha is sharing her experiences in her new book, which she addressed in the interview.

hardcover and eBook version of Bure's book dropped on March 28. It includes a look at the teen's life, along with inspiring quotes, helpful advice, and discussion on today's hot topics that teens and young adults deal with, including social media and body confidence. In her candid interview, Bure admitted that she had doubts about her faith.

"You can never grow unless you ask questions and have tough conversations," she said. "I would encourage everyone to have those conversations and ask those questions. Your faith is never going to be perfect. You have to work each and every day to grow that!"

Natasha also dealt with her share of acne and weight struggles. She had some encouraging advice for those who share the same struggles.

"Be bold and just let your guard down. It took me a long time to be able to walk out of the house without makeup on. I used to have put some sort of shield over my face because I was insecure. Now, you will rarely see me with makeup on unless it's for specific reason. To be able to get that point, I had to be bold and break down those walls that I put up. I had to learn to love myself and who I am."

Writing and sharing her faith isn't her only passion. Bure hopes to release a pop/EDM album. She wants to record more music and make more videos on her YouTube channel. With everything that Bure does, she wants to reflect it in her faith, according to Fox News. She grew up learning three lessons: have faith in God, listen to your mom, and put your heart and soul into everything you do.

She admits she wasn't always a good kid. There was that one time she had her mouth washed out with soap after cursing. But she now embraced those rules and thanks her famous mom for instilling those values.

"I think for a long time, my mom was just strictly my mother….she was somebody was disciplining me and setting rules in our house," she told Fox News.

Those rules helped Natasha become the person she is today. She does everything with faith. In her book, she revealed that she was sent to a Christian summer camp when she was faced with a challenging time in the ninth grade.

"When I was going through that difficult time, I was straying away from my relationship with God and I wasn't in line with my faith," she told the outlet. "I wanted to be on my own path and I think my parents knew what I needed... and because of that, that's what got me out of a [bad] time. It made me who I am today."

Bure also talks about her first kiss in the book, which shocked her mom, who didn't know at the time. She also admitted that she dated a guy who played hockey, who interfered with her dad and brother's love for the same sport. Bure gets candid on everything from body image to her decision to abstain from sex before marriage.

Check out Natasha Bure's awkward interview with her mom with E! News in the video below.

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