Christina Applegate Stalker Sends Death Threats To Martyn LeNoble Via Twitter

Most people were happy to hear that Christina Applegate and musician Martyn LeNoble got engaged. One person, however, was so upset that they sent the Up All Night star’s fiance several death threats on Twitter.

According to E! Online, the stalker wrote:

“You stole [Christina] away from me. If not for you she would be mine. I will not accept this. I am going to kill you! You think this is a joke? I want to see how funny you think I am when I blow your f–king head off!”

The messages have been deleted but not before they were documented by several sites. The LAPD is now launching an investigation into the threats.

According to TMZ, the death threats were sent via Twitter to LeNoble on September 20. The LAPD obtained a search warrant later that week and were able to obtain several violent messages from Twitter.

One message reads: “I’m going to bust your head in for taking her away from me!!! Be afraid, be very afraid!!”

LeNoble said that he didn’t recognize the Twitter profile that sent the messages. The profile has also been deleted, but the LAPD is hoping to access Twitter’s records to find out who was sending the threats to LeNoble.

Applegate has not commented on the incident yet.

Applegate and LeNoble aren’t the only victims of death threats lately. Sports reporter Erin Andrews was recently on the receiving end of some hateful messages on Twitter.

Andrews wrote:

“Why Twitter needs policing @hyuncmartinez. @ErinAndrews You make eye contact with me and I will chop you apart. You are just a bad thing.”

Do you think Twitter needs to start policing its users?