Sherri Papini ‘Facebook’ Staged Hoax? Did Missing California Mom Run Away And Fake Kidnapping By Two ‘Hispanic Women’ With A Gun?

Doubts are already arising on social media and beyond about Sherri Papini, the missing California “super mom” who was reportedly kidnapped by two Hispanic women with a gun as Sherri went for a jog.

Update: Papini’s husband — Keith Papini — said Sherri was only 87 pounds when she was found, according to Newser. Keith said she was covered in bruises — and that anyone spreading “disgusting” hoax rumors should be “ashamed.” As reported by ABC News, Sheriff Tom Bosenko confirmed unflattering writings about Hispanics were authored by Sherri Graeff — Papini’s maiden name — and published online 13 years ago.

Heavy reports that Papini’s extended family members claim Sherri has staged a kidnapping in 2006.

As reported by CNN, questions still remain after Papini was reunited with her loved ones almost three weeks after disappearing while on a run. Since sensitive information about Papini’s abduction has not yet been divulged to the public, the yet-to-be-released information about the once-missing mom has left lots of room for doubts about her kidnapping to be expressed by people on social media.

Missing California mom Sherri Papini has been reunited with her family, but questions remain about her disappearance

— CNN (@CNN) November 25, 2016

Sherri was reported to be very emotional after being reunited with her family, but CNN experts noted that it was quite rare for a kidnap victim to be found alive; especially after several weeks.

Update: According to Newser, Papini had been chained and heavily battered, as reported by CHP authorities.

Papini told authorities that the public should be on the lookout for a dark SUV containing two Hispanic women with a gun as her possible kidnapping culprits, adding to the oddity of women being kidnappers of other adult women. Also, the fact that Sherri was returned alive is being called a blessing and a boon to all who loved Sherri, but it was also a rarity after three weeks away.

Adding to the already tense situation, Papini’s disappearance while jogging alone spread fears in women who liked to run in northern California. Papini’s husband, Keith, was so worried when Sherri didn’t pick up their children from daycare on November 2, that he took it upon himself to use the “Find My iPhone” app to find Sherri’s discarded phone.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko noted that Sherri’s return means Papini’s investigation merely enters a new chapter to figure out who held Sheri captive after Papini was discovered in Yolo County, California. That ironically named “Yolo” is nearly 140 miles from Mountain Gate trail, the location where Papini was jogging when she went missing.

Papini was reportedly still bound and had injuries when she was discovered at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Thursday.

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Papini is certainly receiving plenty of attention on social media.

Sympathy goes out in droves to Sherri, who might have very well endured a scary kidnapping.

Papini also may have undergone sheer terror from being away from her husband and kids for so long.

Doubts about any wrongdoings by Keith Papini were quelled when Keith took a lie-detector test and passed, and he received an alibi from his employer, reports CNN.

However, Papini’s case hasn’t stopped folks from expressing their doubts about the story, as seen in the quotes below from social media users.

Theories about a Sherri Graeff’s racist rant are making the rounds, but there’s no way of knowing if that is the Sherri Graeff who became Sherri Papini or another woman.

Sherri Papini
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As was seen in the case of Marie Osmond, who once suffered from severe post-natal depression and thought of killing herself, as reported by the New York Daily News, Osmond disappeared by driving 250 miles up the coast of California when her life became overwhelming.

Papini has been called a “supermom” who would not interrupt her routine to stage a kidnapping, but that hasn’t stopped folks from wondering aloud, as seen below.

: Am I the only one who thinks that Mrs. Papini just needed a few weeks to just get away from it all? ?”

All news media needs to stop with the Papini kidnapping. It’s a farce and will be proven so. Sketchy story

“ChocolateBeauty: Sherie Papini was not [kidnapped] she just went back home for the holidays. She knows she messed up.

: I think there’s a good chance the Sherri Papini case is a hoax.”

Something just doesn’t add up with this

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