Will.i.am To Debut Remix Of The Classic ‘ET’ Theme Song [Video]

Grammy Award-winning producer and musician will.i.am is giving the Entertainment Tonight theme song a new sound.

ET announced that they were giving will.i.am the chance to update their iconic theme, which is one of the most recognized tunes in TV history. Will.i.am’s goal is to “compliment” the current ET theme to “bring it into the 21st century,” and the media outlet seem pleased as peaches with his work so far. The Black Eyed Peas frontman is expected to debut the remix on Thursday.

According to MSN, will.i.am’s update will feature an “au courant dance twist with a new bass line, vocals and electronic elements.” The ET remix theme will be featured during the nightly installment of ET, as well as the weekend edition.

“The ET theme is a pop culture anthem, a theme song that represents families sitting together watching television and being entertained. My approach is to translate all the colors that the original theme includes, and bring it forward to today’s sound,” says seven-time Grammy Winner will.i.am.

“The ET theme has been woven into pop culture for decades so we are excited to have a contemporary, dynamic force like will.i.am reinvigorate our song for millions of fans to hum along to nightly for years to come,” adds ET executive producer Linda Bell Blue. “We are extremely honored to be working with the infinitely talented will.i.am on this exciting ET milestone.”

The iconic theme song was originally composed by Michael Mark in 1981, and then re-orchestrated in 1990 and 1994 by former ET host and musician John Tesh. Yeah, probably time for an update.

Here’s ET‘s video blog of will.i.am’s progress thus far: