WWE News: Eva Marie Wants Her Career To Compare To The Rock’s

Possibly the most despised wrestler on the WWE roster is WWE women’s superstar Eva Marie. When she was originally on the main roster, her matches usually ended up with universal boos, not because of her character but because of her lack of wrestling skills.

Eva Marie moved to NXT and said that she trained hard but the fans still booed her every time she botched a move in the ring. The International Business Times spoke to Eva Marie and she turned some heads when she said that she wanted her career to emulate that of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“After a few months I was like ‘OK, if I could emulate The Rock’s career that would be fantastic to make a crossover like how he’s done.’ I really want to take the Eva Marie Brand and do both [wrestling and movies] for as long as I can.”

SmackDown Live drafted Eva Marie in the WWE brand split draft but she ended up getting suspended. The suspension came at a time where Eva Marie was finally starting to get a crowd reaction without ever stepping into the ring.

The WWE gave Eva Marie a perfect gimmick for her SmackDown Live debut. Despite the fact that she claims that she put in a lot of work to improve, there were still one too many mistakes in NXT and fans still booed her nonstop every mistake she made.

As a result, Eva Marie was introduced to the crowd by an over-the-top voice announcer, and for the first few matches, she never wrestled. She had a wardrobe malfunction, an injury, she was stuck in traffic, and more. Fans hated her but this over-the-top introduction was working even if her wrestling was still not up-to-par.

However, Eva Marie has more confidence that almost anyone in the WWE. Despite her suspension, which the Inquisitr reported was due to a WWE wellness violation, Eva Marie still believes she can be one of the best in the WWE no matter how many people continue to boo her.

“You have to believe in yourself. I’ve put in the work so I do think I’m ready to come back and shake things up because I think the WWE Universe is tired of seeing something repeated, meaning some people possibly going against each other. There’s not one person like Eva Marie, and I definitely think that I’ve shown that, and I think that’ll be a huge dynamic when I come back.”


Eva Marie hasn’t been seen since her WWE wellness suspension. In 2017, Eva Marie will appear in two different movies. She will star alongside Nicolas Cage in the film Inconceivable. She is also filming a second movie right now called Action #1. In Inconceivable, Eva Marie said she is a “girl next door” and in Action #1, she plays a bounty hunter.

When it comes to matching the career of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whose most recent movie is the Thanksgiving weekend film Momoa, the acting career might be more in the cards. However, Eva Marie is ready to come back to the WWE and wants to prove she belongs there as well.

While the Eva Marie WWE return is not in the cards yet, she is appearing on the recent season of Total Divas, as her suspension did not affect her contract with E! TV.

[Featured Image by WWE]