Missing California 'Super Mom' Sherri Papini Found Safe In Yolo County, Reunited With Her Family On Thanksgiving

In what might be considered a Thanksgiving miracle, northern California "supermom" Sherri Papini has been found safe and has been reunited with her family. The Mountain Gate mom of two was reportedly abducted nearly three weeks ago while jogging near her home. Her captors are still at large and details in the disappearance of Papini are still sparse.

Sherri was found in Yolo County, about two and a half hours south of where she went missing. According to KCRA, Sherri was discovered near County Road 17 and I-5 just north of Woodland. Papini's captors reportedly released her and around 4:30 a.m., although she was still bound, she was able to flag down a vehicle and get help.

"We are very ecstatic to report that Sherri Papini has been located and has been reunited with husband and family on this day of Thanksgiving," Sheriff Tom Bosenko said at a news conference today. Detectives will not rest until her captor or captors are identified and brought to justice

"Detectives will not rest until her captor or captors are identified and brought to justice," the sheriff said.

Sherri's husband Keith was described as "relived and elated." Bosenko spoke about Keith's reaction to the news that Sherri Papini had been found alive, "He is overjoyed at this time."

"I am happy to say that Sherri is now safe and that she has been treated at an area hospital outside of Shasta County for non-life-threatening injuries."
Details surrounding Sherri's abduction and her return have been sparse. It is unclear what injuries Sherri Papini was suffering from but it has been reported that they were not life threatening. This is still considered an active investigation and police are reportedly still looking for Papini's abductors, said to be two Hispanic women with handguns. It's not clear if they were working alone or if they had help. The identities of those responsible for Sherri's abduction are unknown at this time. They are also looking for a dark-colored SUV but did not release details about the make or model.

"This is a new chapter in this investigation, sensitive information has yet to be disclosed," Bosenko said.

Sherri Papini was reported missing on November 2 after her husband returned home from work to an empty home. It was then he discovered that Sherri hadn't picked up their two young children from daycare so he began to panic. Keith Papini was able to track his wife's phone using an app and found it, along with her earbuds and strands of her hair, on a trail where Sherri liked to jog. She was last seen jogging alone along the rural Sunrise Drive and that is where she is believed to have disappeared from.

The initial investigation focused on Sherri's husband Keith Papini. However, Keith easily passed a lie detector test and didn't give investigators any reason to believe he was behind her disappearance. Sherri Papini is being interviewed by the Major Crimes Unit of the sheriff's department in order to uncover additional details about her abduction.

On Wednesday, a private party set up a website dedicated to finding Sherri Papini. There was a $50,000 reward offered for her safe return in addition to a $50,000 reward for details related to her case. It's unclear if the $100,000 total in reward money had anything to do with Sherri being found.

[Featured Image by Sherri Papini/Facebook]