A Woman’s Perfect Day: New Study Gives Minute To Minute Details About How Women Want To Spend Their Time

What’s your perfect day? If you’re a woman in your late 30s it probably involves sex, socializing, and shopping. A new study published in the Journal of Economic Psychology attempts to describe a woman’s perfect day with minute to minute accuracy.

The study, entitled Just A Perfect Day: Developing a Happiness Optimized Day Schedule, claims that women would spend most of their time romancing their partners and very little time at work during their perfect day.

Researchers interviewed over 900 employed women with the average age of 38 to find out how they spend their days and how they felt about each activity. The study found that women were least happy when they were commuting or working and most happy when they were spending time with their significant other or socializing with friends.

The teams at the University of Bremen in Germany and the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US, found that a woman’s perfect day isn’t filled with guilty pleasures. Shopping for instance, may make women happy during the first hour but it isn’t likely to give them the same happiness during hour six.

The team writes:

“Greater well-being includes spending a little more time with friends, a lot more time with relatives, and a lot less time with the boss and co-workers. A likely, but short-sighted, reaction would be to fully maximize the time spent with intimate relations and minimize the amount of time we spend commuting. But the joy we get out of the first hour of shopping is likely to be greater than during the fifth or sixth hour. Another problem is that certain activities are attractive because we do them so rarely. Scarcity can therefore be expected to be a central feature of why we enjoy intimate relations more than work.”

Here’s how the researchers broke down a woman’s perfect day.

  • Intimate relations: 106 minutes
  • Socializing: 82 minutes
  • Relaxing: 78 minutes
  • Meditation: 73 minutes
  • Eating: 75 minutes
  • Exercising: 68 minutes
  • Watching TV: 68 minutes
  • Shopping: 56 minutes
  • Cooking: 50 minutes
  • Talking on the phone: 57 minutes
  • On The Computer: 48 minutes
  • Housework: 47 minutes
  • Napping: 46 minutes
  • Childcare: 46 minutes
  • Working: 36 minutes
  • Commuting: 33 minutes

Do you think this represents a woman’s perfect day?