Speaking For 'Riverdale' Cast, Cole Sprouse Says 'Betty Or Veronica' Question Is Outdated

For those folks who grew up with Archie comics, one of the biggest storylines was always whether you were #TeamBetty or #TeamVeronica, but the Riverdale cast is letting fans and the media know, that the concept is old, outdated, and at least one member of the Riverdale cast, Cole Sprouse, wants fans to know that the cast won't be answering the question, and finds it offensive.

For fans of Riverdale to understand the origins of Archie comics, the whole Betty-Veronica thing, and why Riverdale cast members are peeved with the question, it's best to look back at when the story of Archie and Riverdale got started. Archie made his first appearance in 1941, and Betty Cooper was the blonde, girl next door, while Veronica Lodge was dark, edgy, and wealthy, and the two were rivals for Archie's affections.

It's not hard to see that Betty was portrayed as good, light, and the angel on Archie's shoulder, while Veronica, with jet black hair, and a sophistication that Betty didn't have, was painted as the devil. Life was much more black and white back in the forties, but as time went on, life got a lot more gray, and even in the world of Archie, the simplistic idea that one girl was good and the other bad was wiped away, and the idea that the characters were more complex was introduced.


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In the Archie comics, Betty got a "redraw" in 2015, with a modern, sportier image, and a variety of more "complex" facial expressions was added to create some depth. Veronica Lodge also got a reboot in the comics, with a shorter haircut and a more stylish, contemporary wardrobe.

Enter the CW show Riverdale, 2016, were Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica reside, and it's not your mama's Archie, and it sure isn't your mama's Riverdale, because Riverdale is now dark, like film noir dark, and there are gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy, and a body count. And while the Riverdale cast realizes that they are to some degree, on television as a result of the original, straight arrow, geeky Archie, that's the past, and the CW Riverdale is the present. Archie is no longer the smiling redhead in the letterman's jacket, he is broody, a musician, and perhaps looking for something more than the girl next door.

And while the big question in Riverdale right now is who killed Jason Blossom, there is an even bigger question that the Riverdale cast wants to shut down here and now, and forever, and that is "are you a Betty or a Veronica?" The Jason Blossom thing will be worked out, but word is that there will be another murder soon for the Riverdale police to solve.

But Riverdale cast member Cole Sprouse aka Jughead, is speaking out of the rest of the cast, explaining that things change, time has moved on, and the Betty/Veronica thing should stay in the past where it belongs.

"I think it's hard and it also puts the cast members against one another in a strange and competitive way that makes me a little uncomfortable. So most of our cast don't even answer it."
That's it, and if the Riverdale cast members have their way, there will be no more of the sexist, misogynistic questions that just serve to divide people. But if people are asking who Cole Sprouse thinks Archie should choose as a partner, well, that's a different question, because he thinks Archie and Betty are meant to be.
"I am a sucker for that childhood romance narrative."
Do you understand with the Riverdale cast thinks the Betty/Veronica question is outdated?

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