Sonja Morgan On Ramona Singer’s Attack On Bethenny Frankel: ‘She Just Wants To Hurt You’

Sonja Morgan used to be close friends with Ramona Singer, but the two had a falling out after Ramona started accusing Sonja of being an alcoholic. It's no secret that Morgan partied in the streets of New York City during the time of her bankruptcy case and one can imagine that she was trying to forget what she was going through. Her behavior often left the tabloids and her Real Housewives of New York co-stars genuinely concerned for her. They wanted her to take care of herself and some people even kept their distance from her.

According to a new Bravo report, Sonja Morgan is now revealing what she thought when she saw Singer Singer bring up a sensitive topic with Bethenny Frankel. Morgan has been at the other end of her harsh comments at times, so she understood what Bethenny must have been thinking when Sonja brought up the soft core movie.

"I think Ramona is just trying to insert herself into her new bestie B's life again since her recovery. She was there during her illness, and Ramona loves to be a caretaker. I can see she feels on the outside now when she brings up the dogs. As if Bethenny would include her in the monumental occasion and ask her advice and so on. That's Ramona," Sonja Morgan explains in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York.

During the dinner, Singer questioned Frankel about the movie since it was headlined in various tabloids. This was the first that Ramona had heard about the movie and she tried to show concern for Bryn. Singer asked Bethenny if someone had come up to her daughter Bryn, who is currently in the first grade, to ask her about this soft core movie. Frankel was shocked and when she refused to engage in the conversation, she became downright mean. She called Bethenny a "witch" and the concerned she claimed the show went right out the window.

And that's the Singer that Sonja Morgan knows after being judged for her partying and her drinking a few years ago. As Morgan explains in her Bravo blog, Singer just wants to hurt people if she doesn't get to humiliate people first. While weak people may be hurt by her comments, Frankel isn't going to sit around and watch Ramona try to hurt her.

"However, Ramona delivers it in a manner that seems like she just wants to hurt you. And it's also rude. Not everyone gets her. When Bethenny delivers a zinger, it usually relates to her hurt feelings and your relationship together, and you go home and work on yourself and your relationship if you give a damn. Both hurt like hell. What can I say? I'm a piece of work myself," Sonja Morgan continues in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York.

But Sonja Morgan has also been at the other end with Frankel, as she was slammed for starting her Tipsy Girl business last year. And as she reveals, Frankel's comments can also be hurtful. But Bethenny would never go after Avery the way her co-star went after Bryn and related it back to a soft-core porn movie that Frankel made when she was broke.

What do you think of Sonja Morgan's comments about Ramona? Do you think Singer was trying to humiliate Bethenny by bringing up the movie as if Frankel had hoped that no one would actually know the movie existed? And are you surprised at how the altercation ended, as Singer ended up calling Frankel names after she had just tried to show concern?

[Featured Image by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Sir Ivan]