April 22, 2017
Nanny Lorraine Gilles Lawsuit: Mel B Plied Me With Alcohol, Seduced Me Into Threesomes

In a defamation lawsuit filed against the former Spice Girl Mel B, former nanny Lorraine Gilles claims that she was a young and innocent 18-year-old exchange student in the U.S. when she met Mel B in Hollywood. Mel B invited her to their home, plied her with alcohol and then seduced her into a sexual relationship that involved having group sex with Mel B and her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

The Inquisitr reported that Mel B's former German nanny, Lorraine Gilles, is suing the former Spice Girl for defamation. Gilles claims in her lawsuit that Mel B lied about her in her divorce case. Gilles complained in her lawsuit that Mel B defamed her by portraying her unfairly as a "homewrecker, prostitute and extortionist" who had an illicit affair with her ex-husband Belafonte and got pregnant with a baby she aborted.

Gilles claims in her defamation lawsuit that she was an innocent teenager, an exchange student from Germany, when she met Mel B and her husband in Hollywood shortly after she arrived in the U.S. in 2009, TMZ reports.

She claims that Mel B invited her to their home for dinner. She was thrilled by the invitation and when she arrived at their home they plied her with alcoholic drinks and invited her to join them for group sex, according to Radar Online.

"Brown seduced a naive and curious 18-year-old foreign exchange student with alcohol, fame and casual sex shortly after she arrived in the U.S. in 2009."
After the first incident, Mel B continued to invite Gilles to their home for drinks and sex and sometimes to help watch their children. Mel B cultivated Gilles' friendship. Gilles said she had a sexual relationship with Mel B apart from her sexual relationship with Belafonte.

Mel B, according to Gilles, explained that she and her husband had "an open relationship."

Gilles returned to Germany sometime after she met Mel B and Belafonte in the U.S. But Mel B contacted her, asking her to work as the couple's nanny. She returned to the U.S. to take a job as a nanny for the couple's children and resumed her sexual relationship with Mel B and Belafonte.
"The couple had sex sporadically, sometimes having sex multiple times in a week and at other times going months without sex."
She often had sex with Mel B and only very occasionally with Belafonte. According to Gilles, although they occasionally had threesomes, Belafonte "was not present during most of the sexual encounters."

Mel B was present during the few occasions she had sex with Belafonte, Gilles claimed. Mel B would invite Belafonte to join the lesbian couple in her bedroom, and she would film the sexual encounters and sometimes participate.

"The only times Gilles and Belafonte had sex was when Brown herself invited her husband to join the couple in the bedroom... Brown would often record the sexual encounter and/or take part."
Gilles went on to claim that she was not the couple's only sex partner. Mel would sometimes bring other women into their home for group sex. Gilles did not always participate in the sexual activities. She would sometimes be left to look after the couple's children while they engaged in group sex inside their bedroom.
"Gilles witnessed both Brown and Belafonte bring different women into their home and engage in group sex on multiple occasions."
Gilles insisted that her sexual relationship with Belafonte was conducted with the knowledge and approval of Mel B and that Mel B would sometimes participate in the sexual activity. Gilles also insisted that she was never pregnant with Belafonte's baby and that she never told Mel B that she was pregnant with Belafonte's baby.
She claimed she became pregnant after she had a one-night stand with a man in West Hollywood, and she sought Mel B's help to get an abortion. She said Mel B helped to arrange an appointment for the abortion. She insisted that the baby was not Belafonte's because she did not have sex with Belafonte for months before she became pregnant.

In court documents filed earlier this month, Mel B alleged that Gilles has copies of her sex tapes and that she was keeping then in a public storage facility. Mel B obtained a court order to open the locker and a restraining order requiring Gilles not to harass Mel B and to stay at least a hundred yards away from her.

However, when Mel B opened the locker she did not find the alleged tapes inside it. Gilles denied Mel B's allegation that she has copies of her sex tapes.

Gilles said she was fired in September 2016 after she found herself caught in the middle of an intensifying conflict between the couple.

"Gilles was heartbroken and felt taken advantage of, having devoted years of her youth to serve Brown's family, only to be discarded and tossed out on a whim..."
Gilles is reportedly demanding damages of an unspecified amount in her defamation lawsuit against Mel B.

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