Mia Khalifa Gives Thanks: Will She Fulfill Her Promise?

In case you didn’t know, Mia Khalifa left the adult industry behind to focus on her true love, which is sports. She has since scored her own sports column with FanSided.com.

In honor of Thanksgiving, Mia is giving thanks when it comes to her love of sports. In this week’s column, she says that she is thankful for the Cowboys, heated rivalries, Dalvin Cook, outspoken athletes, sports, FanSided.com, and her fans.

“I’m thankful for FanSided for taking a chance on me and bringing me on as a contributor,” Khalifa wrote. “I had no previous writing experience other than the offensive tweets I usually directed at certain players or fanbases, so to see my own column published every week feels like a dream come true. I promise I’ll get better for both the website and all of you who take the time out of your day to read what I have to say.”


Over the summer, Mia sat down for an exclusive interview with The Washington Post about her life after the adult entertainment industry. She revealed that she left the industry behind over a year ago. However, Mia didn’t act in the industry for long. Though she became one of the most-searched adult actresses on Pornhub, she only did adult acting for three months.

“I guess it was my rebellious phase,” she told the outlet. “It wasn’t really for me. I kind of smartened up and tried to distance myself from that.”

Khalifa still tries to maintain her impressive social media presence with risqué photos, lewd tweets, and comments on sports. She said that she wants to use her presence to celebrate her home sports teams and make additional income. Not only is Khalifa a columnist for FanSided, but she also hosts live adult chats on Camster. Khalifa still tows the line of sexy and adult with her adult chats and sexually charged tweets.


Before Donald Trump’s shocking election win, the adult video star offered free oral sex to the Republican nominee’s supporters if he won, according to the Toronto Sun. Mia made the oral sex offer a week before the U.S. election on her infamous Twitter account. Now that it has since been two weeks since the election, fans are wondering if Mia will fulfill her offer now that Trump is the new president-elect.

“Who on their right mind would offer oral for voting for a criminal?” she wrote. “I will give you a free oral if you vote for Donald Trump. Now, it’s time to choose not only who you want for president, but also who you want an oral job from. This is war.”


According to Sportsrageous, Khalifa was responding to Madonna’s oral sex offer to Hillary Clinton supporters. Other adult film stars like Angelina Castro and Maggie Green have made similar pledges on their social media accounts. A recent report from the publication that first announced it said that for those who are interested in Khalifa’s offer, they could reach her through her Twitter handle @miakhalifa. The outlet also included an advisory for those who take Khalifa up on her offer, if she obliges.

“Trump voters, you need a reminder if you want to claim her offer. If you decide to take Mia Khalifa’s offer, better make sure to have yourself checked after. Also, remember to be protected. There are risks involved especially on bodily fluid-born strains, such as Zika Virus. It definitely pays to get protection.”

So far, Mia has yet to respond to her promise on social media. Since she walked away from the adult entertainment world, it’s safe to say that she will probably renege on that offer. Mia is more focused on becoming a successful sports writer.