It's Possible! Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey May Really Be Getting Back Together

Mariah Carey has experienced a difficult few months that included being dumped by her billionaire beau James Packer, to whom she was engaged. She followed that up with a new romance involving a young backup dancer, which has since fizzled. Throw in an atrocious New Year's Eve performance, which allowed all to see that the diva is not always on point, and the first portion of 2017 evidently has not proven to be a positive one for the star.

The recent reports that Carey's relationship with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka has come to an end have now led to new claims suggesting Mariah has returned to her ex-husband Nick Cannon and that the two are back on as a couple. Although Nick and Mariah have always remained friends and co-parented amicably since their split and divorce, it seems a bit far-fetched that the songstress went running back to the father of her children, especially since Carey has taken on the never-look-back attitude when it comes to relationships.

However, it turns out that such doubts regarding this story aren't entirely accurate. Gossip Cop, a site that usually gets to the bottom of false stories and shuts down the rumors, can exclusively admit that the story just might be real. GC shares the most recent details that have been revealed regarding the exes and a possible rekindling of their relationship.

"Despite divorcing, Carey and Cannon have remained a significant part of each other's lives. They co-parent their kids together, regularly celebrating holidays as a family, and attended the Kids' Choice Awards as a family last month. Cannon has also made it a point to praise his ex in interviews, repeatedly saying he will always love Carey. In fact, he told 'Entertainment Tonight' earlier this month, 'That's always my dream girl.'"

Additionally, more rumors have swirled just recently, seeing as Mariah posted a snap to social media of she, Cannon, and their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, all in bed together, with the caption, "#bedtimestories #demkids #family @nickcannon."

Cannon's recent words, however, pointed to perhaps wanting to keep things as they are, but what exactly does that mean when he stated, "We talk every single day. I wouldn't want to mess up what we have right now trying to [reunite]?"

Does that mean they are actually thinking about it?

Another sweet moment that has fans and the media speculating that Nick and Mariah are back on came when the exes were spotted out together for a night on the town, as the publication notes.

"Carey and Cannon stepped out together for dinner in Beverly Hills. As they left a restaurant, paparazzi shouted questions about getting back together. Asked by a photographer if he and Carey are 'official,' the 'Wild N Out' host responded, 'We've always been official.' Cannon didn't elaborate."

It's easy to see why this new rumor is so believable. The pair have always been a fantastic couple, and despite divorcing, the months leading up to the announcement of a split even seemed to be amicable from what has been reported. In regard to the relationship the two have continued since separating, there's no doubt that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon deserve absolute praise for continuing to spend quality time as a family and to show their children that they are there for them and are still there for one another.

Nick and Mariah have never spoken negatively about each other since splitting, although a recent interview the America's Got Talent star had with Howard Stern suggested Cannon was not a fan of Mariah's recent beau, Bryan Tanaka. Nick called the whole relationship fake, as Us Weekly explains, and said he didn't believe it at all. Shortly after that interview, the relationship came to an end, so perhaps he really wasn't that far off. Whether back together or not, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon continue as great partners for the sake of their twins.

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