New ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Judge Allegedly Wanted For Assault

According to TMZ the new judge on America’s Next Top Model, Robert Evans, is wanted for felony assault and is considered a fugitive by Beverly Hills police.

Unnamed law enforcement sources have told TMZ that Evans, a former boxer turned model, allegedly sent an unidentified victim to the hospital after beating him up so badly he caused “serious injuries.” Sources tell TMZ that a warrant was issued for Evans arrest shortly after the event occurred in March.

The ANTM judge was initially cooperating with police. However in the last few weeks he has gone silent and has stopped speaking with authorities. TMZ’s sources now claim that Evans is considered a fugitive by Beverly Hills police and that the police department has dispatched a “special fugitive team” with instructions to arrest Evans on the spot and bring him back to Beverly Hills to face charges.

Alleged felon and fugitive Robert Evans was hired as a replacement for long-time America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker. Making his first appearance in ANTM’s Cycle 19 (also known as the “College Edition”), dating rumors have swirled around Evans and show creator/head judge Tyra Banks. Numerous sources have spotted the two acting very much like a couple throughout Los Angeles hotspots. Evans has so far denied the rumors.

ANTM Judges Tyra Banks and Rob Evans Reportedly Dating

America’s Next Top Model: College Edition is currently airing Friday’s on the CW. It was recently announced that the CW has renewed ANTM for a 20th Cycle, this time featuring a mix of both male and female models.

Now that TMZ claims he is wanted for felony assault and evading arrest it is unclear if Robert Evans will be returning to ANTM as a judge. He has spoken publicly about Cycle 20, implying he plans to return; however in light of these developing allegations his days on the show may be numbered.