'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Spoilers: Jon Snow and Daenerys -- Find Out What Happens With Them In S7

Britt Lawrence

Warning: The following article contains Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers.

It is arguably the most anticipated meeting in Game of Thrones history and definitely Season 7's: the Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) get-together.

For six seasons, the long-lost nephew and aunt have been forging different paths in the world. Now, those paths will converge as the King in the North heads off to meet the Mother of Dragons for the first time.

Here is everything that is currently known about their meeting. Plus, a few things in between.

Why they meet

This is still a bit open to speculation. According to the alleged Game of Thrones Season 7 Reddit plot leak, which was originally authored by user 'awayforthelads,' and later recompiled by 'maureencreates,' Daenerys invites the lords of Westeros, which includes Jon, to convene at her new headquarters.

Jon is said to go because Daenerys is in Dragonstone, where he hopes to pick up some dragonglass (a material that can kill White Walkers). The only other property known to kill them is Valyrian steel, which Jon Snow's sword Longclaw is made of.

Jon and Daenerys will bond over her dragons

Thanks to leaked photos from the Game of Thrones set and Watchers on the Wall, we know Daenerys and Jon will interact with her dragons. It is not known if Daenerys and Jon go flying together, only that they spend time petting the dragons.

A not-so-eventful action for Daenerys to take, but it's one she should find curious coming from Jon, a man who has never so much as seen a dragon until shortly before then. His comfort level serves as yet another clue regarding his true heritage.

There will be a private meeting between Jon and Daenerys

Leaked set photos that can be seen on Winter is Coming reveal Jon and Daenerys will meet at least once away from the watchful eyes of their supporters.

In the succession of grainy pictures, Jon can be seen approaching Daenerys on the parapet of Dragonstone. She turns to look back at him.

What are they discussing? Is it whether Jon will bend the knee to the Khaleesi? Or whether or not the White Walkers are real?

If the alleged Season 7 Reddit plot leak is correct, then Jon refuses to bend a knee to Daenerys and she does not initially believe his claims about the existence of the White Walkers.

Whether the alleged Season 7 Reddit plot leak is accurate or not, it can be confirmed Jon and Daenerys are alone together, where they can share a view of the scenic vista.

Jon and Daenerys do not share a hug goodbye

Given what leaked set photos seen on Watchers on the Wall reveal, there is no farewell embrace between the last Targaryens. That might be disappointing news to those who are hoping for a romantic pairing between the two. However, it does not rule out the possibility of one.

At this point, it appears that neither Jon nor Daenerys are aware of their biological connection in Season 7. For more on that scroll further down. Based on the set photos, it does appear that Daenerys and Jon find time for one more semi-private moment before he leaves.

Jon and Daenerys will see each other again

It has been confirmed by Watchers on the Wall that at some point in Season 7, Jon Snow will bring the wight he and his convoy have captured before Westeros. The assembled crowd includes Daenerys, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Cersei (Lena Headey), and a slew of other characters.

This means that the initial and heavily buzzed-about meeting between the two will not be the only time, Daenerys and Jon will see each other in Game of Thrones Season 7.

It is not known whether this occurs a great time after Jon first meets Daenerys, shortly afterward, or right before Season 7 ends. If the alleged Season 7 Reddit plot leak is correct, then Jon and Daenerys will get to know each other pretty intimately before the season ends.

The biological factor

Will Jon and Daenerys find out they are related before anything romantic happens between them? If something does, in fact, happen in that capacity. That is one of the big questions in the Game of Thrones fandom, and the answer to it is not entirely known.

If the alleged Game of Thrones Season 7 Reddit plot leak is to be believed, then Jon and Daenerys will not learn they are related in Season 7.

Given Daenerys' cultural heritage, it would not be a huge hurdle for her, but given Jon's, it could reasonably be an impossible leap for him to take.

To find out how things shake out between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, tune into Game of Thrones Season 7 when it premieres, next summer on HBO.

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