Dove Cameron Splits With Ryan McCartan

Ruchi Gupta

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan's relationship is no more following Cameron's decision to end the relationship early last month.

McCartan proposed to Cameron in April and their engagement lasted for six months until October 5 following Cameron's decision to call it off. Ryan opened up about the split during an appearance on The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Allegedly with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss.

McCartan has had a hard time dealing with the breakup. He announced on Twitter that they decided to end the relationship because Dove had other things in mind. Despite being brokenhearted, Ryan insists that it is for the best and he has no regrets. In one of his statements, he said that he would not have it any other way though he also pointed out that he thought they would work out any issues and stick together forever.

In an attempt to explain further, the 23-year-old actor also narrated how he used to play house with his neighbor when he was about six-years-old. He would assume the role of the dad while the kid next door would assume the role of the mom, but they would occasionally switch roles so that they would understand how important the roles are. He also added that he took the game very seriously. The actor gave the explanation perhaps to explain that he considered his relationship with Cameron very seriously.

It also looks like the breakup was quite unlucky for McCartan because he spent the Halloween holiday in a hospital due to diabetes complications, dehydration, and food poisoning. Fortunately, he got better and was grateful to his family and friends for being there for him.

Dove and Ryan co-starred on the Disney Channel show, Live and Maddie. They dated for three years before McCartan proposed. Unfortunately, things did not pan out as the male Disney star had expected. It seems that Dove has been busy shopping for an apartment since the breakup. The actress recently revealed through Snapchat that she had some time to unpack and finally move into her new apartment. However, there were a lot of boxes all over, meaning she had a lot of unpacking to do.

"Finally unpacking my boxes for my new place!!It's all coming togethuhhh," Dove posted on Twitter.

The 20-year-old has been talking happily about her new apartment on social media. She has also been asking for tips on where she can get some wall art for the apartment. Dove could not help but express her excitement about the apartment. She also had a busy season at work, which she has gladly dug deep into, perhaps to get her mind off her recent break up with McCartan. She has also been clearly avoiding the topic and has barely talked about it on social media.