Autumn Pasquale’s Alleged Teen Killers Said To Have Attended Vigil Night Body Was Found

The case of Autumn Pasquale came to a sad conclusion Monday night when the Jersey tween’s body was found discarded in a recycling bin at a vacant property, and police indicated that evening that no arrests had yet been made in connection with the 12-year-old’s murder.

But the Autumn Pasquale kidnapping case has taken an unexpected turn with the arrest of two teen boys for several counts in relation to her murder. Media reports indicate that 15-year-old Justin Robinson and 17-year-old Dante Robinson have been arrested in the Autumn Pasquale case.

The teens, brothers, were investigated in Autumn Pasquale’s murder after the mother of one of the boys noticed a one-word message sent on Facebook by one to the other simply reading “Autumn.”

In short order, police discovered clues all around the neighborhood in Pasquale’s disappearance, and the boys were arrested and charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, disposing of a body, tampering with evidence, and theft. Additionally, the younger boy was charged with luring.

Reports indicate that Autumn Pasquale was likely killed for her bicycle, and the cause of death in the case is believed to be homicide with wounds sustained consistent with strangulation. Neighbors of the two boys arrested say that they may have attended a vigil for Pasquale the night her body was uncovered.

autumn pasquale body found

In a news conference regarding the arrests of Justin Robinson and Dante Robinson, Clayton Police Chief Dennis Marchei said:

“The borough of Clayton today has been rocked… It was sad and tragic; however, this experience has proven to me that this community and the family has shown that our spirit has not been rocked.”

Some reports indicate that Justin Robinson and Dante Robinson may be tried as adults in the murder of Autumn Pasquale.