‘The Sims 4’ Expansion, Game Packs On Sale Now During Origin’s Black Friday Sale

With the Thanksgiving holiday just days away, Black Friday sales are already starting. Players of The Sims 4 are in luck with Origin’s Black Friday sale with select titles up to 75 percent off. Expansion packs and game packs are currently discounted, but fans will have to act quickly. The Origin Black Friday sale will end on November 29.

Players yet to pick up The Sims 4 will find the biggest discount possible during this particular sale. The base game and digital deluxe edition are each 75 percent off their normal prices. The Sims 4, just the base game, is only $9.99 while the base and a few digital deluxe items are marked down to $12.49. The latter includes the game’s soundtrack, a handful of unique decorations, and themed attire for Sim characters. Interested players can check out all of The Sims 4 titles that are on sale now on Origin.

A penthouse in San Myshuno [Image via Electronic Arts]

Although no stuff packs are reduced in price, all three game packs are 25 percent off each. “Dine Out,” “Spa Day,” and “Outdoor Retreat” are each $14.99 instead of their normal $19.99 price. All three of the game’s expansions are also discounted during the Black Friday sale. “Get Together” and “Get to Work” are both 63 percent off at $14.99 each, an all-time low price for both. The most recent piece of downloadable content, the “City Living” expansion, is also on sale. Players can save 25 percent on the newest expansion during the Black Friday sale at a $29.99 price tag.

“City Living” released earlier this month giving players a chance to challenge themselves with new Lot Traits, move into apartments, and enjoy new festivals. The new world of San Myshuno offers a new urban metropolis where some apartments are managed by landlords, where neighbors might ask each other to stay quieter, and where lavish penthouse lots are the ultimate goal.

The expansion also includes three new careers as reported by the Inquisitr. Sims can become Critics, master Social Media, or even campaign as a Politician. The city of San Myshuno also features districts and festivals for all types of Sims. Five different festivals rotate through San Myshuno including the Flea Market, GeekCon, the Humor and Hijinx event, the Spice Festival, and the Romance Festival.

All players of The Sims 4, regardless of which packs they choose to add to their game, can enjoy the latest game event though. Boost Week is underway again with Jasmine Holiday ready to buff Sims everywhere according to the official game website. This week’s boost aims Sim satisfaction, making it easier and quicker than ever to give Sims what they truly want.

“You can choose for your Sim to either gain 3x Satisfaction Points from Whims, or if your Sim is doing pretty well on whims, you can receive a 3x slower decline on your Sims needs! You can only have one running on a Sim at a time, but don’t worry, you can switch if you change your mind.”

Sims will need to contact Jasmine Holiday to receive their chosen boost. Sims can do so by simply calling the NPC with their cell phone. Like other event buffs provided by Jasmine Holiday, players can call her repeatedly during the event to reapply the boon. Boost week will conclude on November 28.

The Sims 4
The free Holiday Celebration pack includes festive decorations [Image via Electronic Arts]

With Thanksgiving soon coming to pass, players and their Sims will soon be enjoying the remainder of the holiday season. To rejoice in style, players can download the free Holiday Celebration Pack for The Sims 4, also available on Origin. This free content addition includes a number of winter holiday decorations like festive trees, strung lights, and more. There are even a few items for Sims to wear in the free pack live ugly sweaters and fun hats.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]